Pop Invites Creator Feedback With App’s Latest Beta Test Update

Pop Invites Creator Feedback With App’s Latest Beta Test Update

Creator-focused social media platform that merges traditional social media with Web3 incentives, Pop, has released a major update to its beta test version that launched in February. The update includes several new features, including the ability for users to post their own unique content, including images, videos, and articles.

Pop has also added a new section for users to create and explore content posted by other users, updated the mission center, and improved the user interface (UI) effects. Other updates include the ability to comment, like, repost Pops and follow other Pop users, as well as optimized video playback fluency.

The rise of Web3 is revolutionizing the way we think about social media and content ownership. With this latest update, Pop is leading the way in the integration of traditional social media with Web3 incentives for content creation powered by blockchain technology. By allowing users to post their own unique content, Pop is providing a platform that values creators and gives them more control over their content.

Pop offers higher monetization rates than traditional platforms so that creators can receive more of the revenue their content generates. This incentivizes them to produce high-quality content and gives smaller and medium-sized creators the chance to be noticed and valued.

One of the primary benefits of Web3 social media is true content ownership – one of Pop’s mottos is “not your keys, not your content”, adapted from the concept of “not your keys, not your crypto” on centralized exchanges. On traditional Web2 social media platforms, content ownership is not automatic, and platforms can lock or ban accounts at any time. In contrast, Web3 platforms allow for tokenization and on-chain transparency, giving creators full ownership and control over their content.

Pop users can gain unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent their online persona, protect their on-chain activity, and collect rewards as they level up. Users can also access content from a variety of platforms. Participants in the beta test completing new missions will be rewarded with an extra boost to their NFTs.

The integration of NFTs and other Web3 features provides more opportunities for creators to monetize and sell ownership rights to their content, as well as build their brands and connect with their audience. Users and creators can turn their content into NFTs, giving them direct ownership and the opportunity to earn engagement rewards every time they post, watch, or engage with content.

The Pop app’s anonymous proof-of-ownership technology allows creators to transfer their existing social media identities from Web2 platforms into Web3 without starting over from scratch.

Users can earn Pop’s native utility tokens by engaging with the app, leveling up their NFTs, buying mystery boxes, and more. They can then spend the tokens to elevate their experience within the app. Holders of Pop’s governance token have the right to vote on decisions about the platform’s development and launch crowdfunding campaigns for projects on the blockchain.

Testers providing quality feedback during Pop’s beta test will be eligible to receive USDT rewards. Test version users are also incentivized to report bugs, with the first users to report unique bugs will be eligible to receive USDT as a reward under Pop’s Bug Bounty program, depending on the severity of the bug found. 

The program is designed to encourage users to take an active role in improving the product.

Pop’s development team has grown to more than 80 people in over ten countries globally. Social finance (Social-Fi) will drive a new generation of Web3 mass adoption, and Pop is poised to spur the adoption of Web3 social media and bridge the gap between traditional social media and the Web3 social ecosystem.