Meltelbrot #47 – Hoppertrophy talks Telegram Minting, Quests and Bots.

In these Meltelbrot interviews I chat with indie devs and creative community members of Enjin who put their own developing skills to...

Decentraland Hits Ethereum MainNet With a $100,000 Treasure Hunt

The Main Launch marks the beginning of a new era, the DAO one. A significant Treasure Hunt with $100,000 worth...
Enjin platform is live on ethereum mainnet

Enjin Gaming Platform is Live on Ethereum Mainnet

Today is a bright day for Blockchain Gaming, and Ethereum community as the Enjin Platform is available on the Ethereum Mainnet. Now more...

Blockchain Gaming Digest #28 10-16 Feb 2020

Welcome to another Weekly digest by Let's take a look at some of the blockchain gaming news for this week.

The SandBox Raises 800+ ETH in the Second Land Sale & Virtual Words Growing

With more than 9,000 land parcels sold in two rounds, The Sandbox is building a gaming metaverse backed by the blockchain with...

Meltelbrot #46 – Discord Rewards, Streaming, & Nhubs with Nhinestreams.

In these Meltelbrot interviews, I chat with indie devs and creative community members of Enjin who put their own developing skills to...

You Can Now Play Splinterlands From Your Smartphone

The ALPHA version of the Splinterlands Mobile App is now available to download. After eight months of design and...

AlterVerse: Disruption Pre-Alpha Open For Early Adopters

The AlterVerse: Disruption pre-alpha release is now available for the early adopters.  The Freeplay mode is live, and you...

The Second Sandbox Land Sale Begins Tomorrow

The Second Sandbox Land Sale is about to launch with more features and parcels available. In the previous successful sale, 3,000 land parcels...

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