Superior Review By Gala Games – First Impressions

Hello egamers family. George here. A few days back, I tried the brand new game by Gala Games, Superior, and now I’m back with the Superior Review.

Superior is a first-person shooter available to try only to Gala Gold members for the time being on EPIC launcher.

To get Superior NFTS and become a gold member to try the game, get your free account at Gala Games.

Superior Graphics

I believe that superior marks a new era for quality games on the blockchain. I found the graphics to be simple and amazing, with a very unique cartoonish style that doesn’t require a high-end graphics card, and at the same time, it gives you a great vibe.

The non-realistic 3D rending looks amazing and makes it playable on any normal computer.

Although the game is still in Alpha and not so well optimized, I expect the graphics to become even better.

Superior Gameplay

To start with, you can join a party of up to 3 persons in an automated match-making process or set up a private lobby.

Starting the game, you can choose three different characters with skill points earned while playing and allocate them to the skills tree, which offers significant character upgrades across all aspects.

Before joining a game, there are power-ups that you can choose and health and armor point regeneration that use credits earned in the game.

Once joining the arena, your goal is to complete a couple of tasks while killing the enemy NPCs and reaching the extraction point.

For each level you and your team complete, a new one unlocks until you reach the final stage.

Between each level, you can choose to upgrade your power-ups and regenerate your health, which can also be done while playing for fewer credits.

The game offers the ability to carry up to two weapons; you can pick up a weapon or armor kit while playing, which is great.

Superior Final Thoughts.

I believe Superior is a great game that advances the level of blockchain gaming; like every game by the Gala Games ecosystem, we are experiencing a triple-a result that could bring the masses to the blockchain.

It’s not yet clear how you will be able to earn, but judging from the gameplay, my guess is there will be a leaderboard with rewards.

Like every Gala Game, Superior will have its own software nodes where owners would passively earn the in-game token once launched.

I would definitely keep an eye out for superior.

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