Enjin & Amasa Work Together For Micro-Incomes

Enjin & Amasa Partnership

Currently, millions of users are trying to make a living out of web3 technologies with opportunities growing gradually. Amasa announced its new partner, Enjin. Enjin is the leading ecosystem for NFTs, and with its upcoming Efinity blockchain which races for a para-chain slot, it will sure pioneer the industry in many factors. The benefits of the partnership …

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Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs & Second Airdrop Coming in December

Splinterlands Packs Sale

Splinterlands, one of the most played games in the industry announced its next packs sale after successfully completing the first round of the Chaos Legion packs that boasted $1 million in sales. Vouchers were used in the presale to unlock the ability to purchase packs. A Voucher airdrop system was introduced to give everyone a …

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Pegaxy P2E Token VIS Released For Trading

Pegaxy VIS Token released

The uncapped play-to-earn token of Pegaxy game, $VIS, is now available for trading on KyberDMM, a decentralized exchange on Polygon network, it’s the same exchange where the governance token, PGX can be traded. Following the same philosophy with Axie Infinity’s SLP token, Pegaxy players can withdraw VIS 15 days after its minted. At the time …

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Polkacity Staking Contribution Is Live!

Polkacity Staking Contribution Is Live

Polkacity announced on November 20 their collaboration with Ferrum Network for a BSC & ETH staking program and their Metaverse Land Sale. Right now, the contribution period is live, and you can start depositing your $POLC tokens to take part in their exclusive Metaverse Land Sale. In order to take part in the Land Sale, you must deposit …

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DFG Contributes 200,000 $DOT To The Efinity Crowdloan

DFG Contributes 200k DOT to enjin efinity crowdloan

DFG Investment Firm contributes 200,000 $DOT to Efinity Crowdloan. By staking 200,000 $DOT, DFG will support Efinity in the race of getting a para-chain slot in Polkadot’s crowdloan. The Polkadots Parachain Auction has been underway since November 11, and many projects are contributing their $DOT coins to acquire a para-chain slot. DFG wants to assist …

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Binance & Huobi Lists Vulcan Forged PYR

Binance PYR

Today, November 26th, Binance listed Vulcan Forged’s $PYR for trading at 08:00 UTC. PYR/BTC, PYR/BUSD, and PYR/USDT are the available trading pairs. Anyone who wishes to deposit $PYR to his Binance account can start now, but withdrawals will open at 08:00 UTC tomorrow. Additionally, $PYR was also listed today on the well-known Huobi exchange, Recently, …

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Hackers Steal $1M from Phantom Galaxies Community By Exploiting The Discord server

Phantom Galaxies Discord Hack

Animoca Brands provided an update today about the unfortunate event that happened in Phantom Galaxies Discord server. Phantom Galaxies is an upcoming space-themed game developed by the Animoca Brands subsidiary Blowfish Studios.  The Phantom’s server has about 98.000 members, and they previously commented that “stealth” or “surprise” drops and mints won’t happen. The scam On …

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SolChicks P2E MOBA Game Reaching Multiple Milestones Before IDO

Solchicks IDO

SolChicks, an upcoming play-to-earn game on Solana Blockchain that raised over $20M to date, announced yesterday a series of accomplishments, days before its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) launch on 26th November. The SolChicks accomplishments: Explosive social media growth with over 385k followers on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord combined. It ranked Number #1 in CoinMarketCap, Number …

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Frenzy: An SDK For The Metaverse By Vulcan Forged

Frenzy SDK: An SDK for the Metaverse

In Brief: Vulcan Forged will release the Frenzy SDK on December 6th. Interested projects and Metaverses can integrate VF assets. $Lava, the play-to-earn token can also get integrated into multiple games through the Frenzy SDK. Join the Vulcan Forged Ecosystem, Play any Free Game and get double Rewards until December 31st. There are many SDKs …

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VulcanVerse Scholarships: Everything You Need To Know

VulcanVerse Scholarship coming soon

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem is getting ready for the public beta launch of VulcanVerse MMORPG and its automated Cedalion (scholarship) program with Land plots, Berserk cards and Vulcanites. The highly anticipated game will open its gates to the public later this month, and the community’s excitement has led the price of the $PYR token to …

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