What to Play? Tournaments, Giveaways & Play-to-Earn Opportunities

play-to-earn opportunities

Hello, blockchain gamers! Today I’m sharing with you some play-to-earn opportunities and free NFT assets you can claim during this period. Less is more, so let’s skip introductions. GALA May Mayhem Tournament with over 1$ Million in prizes. Although Town Star is a game that rewards the top 100 players in every tournament, this time, …

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Berserk Launches Android Version & Season 1 With $100,000 Rewards

Berserk launches android and ios version

8/7/2021: Article updated to include iOS version release. In Brief: The TCG Berserk launched iOS version following Android a few days ago. Season 1 will feature $100,000 in play-to-earn prizes. The game doesn’t require to setup a wallet, making it easily accessible by everyone. The TCG game of Vulcan Forged, Berserk can now be played …

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Nine Chronicles Blockchain Game Overview

Nine Chronicles overview

Hey gamers! Today I’m sharing my Nine Chronicles Blockchain Game Overview. Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized game developed by Planetarium, a company that received the support of Ubisoft  Players can choose up to three free avatars and start completing quests, progressing through battles, and crafting items. There is even an Arena to challenge other players. …

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Ethermon to Launch IDO Token Sale on Polkastarter

Ethermon IDO Sale

Ethermon, the classic Pokemon-style blockchain game that started its journey in 2017, is now preparing for the native token sale. After securing the support of over 30 companies, Ethermon is restarting everything and getting ready to develop an ecosystem full of Mons, the main creatures of the game. The sale will take place on the …

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Vulcan Forged Reward Pool Exceeds $20 Million

Vulcan Forged Prize Pool

Lately, egamers have released a couple of articles about Vulcan Forged, and that’s not a coincidence. Vulcan ecosystem is building something unique that every gamer should dive into.  Today I would like to introduce you to the Vulcan Forged Rewards Pool, a pool that everyone can contribute to and get rewarded.  If you go through …

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Flare Network Buys The Citadel of The Moon NFT for $3,5 Million

Citadel of the moon in Mirandus

In Brief: Flare Network to integrate Gala ERC-20 Token & NFTs. Flare also bought the third Citadel of Mirandus MMORPG. NFTs on Flare Network will have a “buff” in Citadel of the Moon. Gala Games announced today on Medium the upcoming integration of the GALA ERC-20 token and the non-fungible tokens to avoid the bloat …

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Uplift World: The Play To Earn Minecraft Metaverse You Want In.

Play to earn Minecraft Server, Uplift

What if I told you that there is a whole metaverse building on Minecraft? Not just a play to earn Minecraft server, but a huge community-owned virtual world where dozens of popular nft-based projects are building upon it? Of course, im talking about the Uplift World, a play to earn Minecraft metaverse on the WAX …

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Guild of Guardians Overview – Mobile Action RPG Game

Guild of Guardians Play to earn NFT Game.

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming fantasy, multiplayer mobile action RPG aiming to compete AAA titles with its great graphics and a sustainable play-to-earn economy. The graphics will be low-poly with all characters and combat in 3D, and Diablo and Dungeon & Dragons inspire the whole concept. The full release is slated for Q2 2023 …

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How to Run a Store in VulcanVerse

how to run a store in VulcanVerse

We recently introduced you to the VulcanVerse MMORPG, an under-development game with profound lore based on Greek Mythology, set in a Greco-Roman environment. VulcanVerse will have extensive and deep gameplay, precisely what you would expect from an MMO with an open world. Talking about online games, imagine owning the assets earned by playing all these …

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Confirmed: EFI Public Token Sale is Coming

EFI Public Token Sale

In Brief: Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin revealed on Twitter that there will be an EFI public token sale. The sale will take place after EFI token generation. Enjin’s Jumpnet counts over 50 early adopters including Microsoft & Binance. The revealing news of Efinity last March had two surprises. The first was Enjin choosing Polkadot for the …

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