9Lives Arena Review – Guide From Noob to Level 30

9Lives Arena Review

One warrior’s journey – from noob to Level 30. This is the most comprehensive 9Lives Arena review and guide to level 30. 9Lives Arena is a beautiful, selfie-worthy atmospheric and engaging fantasy PvP combat. Harking back to Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat, and even World of Warcraft in its gameplay. Along with the PvP aspect of …

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We tried Bomb Stars – mobile battle-royale game

Battle-royale gameplay, exploding bombs, and 100 players to compete. Can you be the last one standing?  Bomb Stars offer a fun and engaging gameplay where you can import and use NFT’s from other games, compete for a place on the leaderboard, or simply challenge your friends to play. Available for both Android and iOs devices, …

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The Best Blockchain Trading Card Games (TCG) For 2020

the best trading card blockchain games for 2020 and beyond

Welcome to The Best Blockchain Trading Card Games, here, you will not only discover some great TCG crypto games to play right now but also how to earn money by playing video games. Blockchain gaming comes with multiple benefits for players. The most important is the true item ownership of the in-game assets. All the items, regardless of the game, are stored …

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The Best Gaming Cryptocurrencies For 2020

The best gaming cryptocurrencies

So, you have been asking what are the best gaming cryptocurrencies? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We experience a wave of new gamers, unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies who discover tutorials such as our comprehensive guide how to play crypto games, so we decided to write about the best gaming cryptocurrencies that you should keep an …

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MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide – How to Become a PRO in MCH

how to battle like a pro in mycryptoheroes mch

Welcome to the egamers.io MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide. Let me begin by saying that MyCryptoHeroes, also known as Mikuri in Japan, beneath all that static images and pixel art graphics, hides extremely complex gameplay that will definitely surprise you! Being an educated MCH player obviously comes with the advantage of knowing your way around, rather than …

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Cryptospells: The review

Cryptospells is the latest Japanese blockchain trading card game and is part of the MCH+ program as well. They have achieved 600 ETH in card sales on the first day of presale and over 800 ETH in card sales to date. Their crowdsale began on 25th June and will end on 9th July. Currently, Cryptospells …

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Dissolution – Blockchain FPS/MMORPG Game

While Enjin hasn’t announced anything yet, its a common secret that Dissolution, an upcoming FPS MMORPG game decided to switch over ERC 1155 from ERC 721. Dissolution sets the bar for all FPS blockchain games. They have presented a quality game which is going to use Enjin’s blockchain as well as the ERC-1155 token standard. …

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