5 Play-To-Earn Solana Games on Epic Games Store

5 play to earn games solana epic games store
  • Solana, a popular blockchain for game developers, now features several of its games on the Epic Games Store.
  • The variety includes ambitious sci-fi MMOs, fantasy RPGs, and cyberpunk shooters.
  • These games utilize Solana for aspects like tokens and NFTs, and some are set to expand to other blockchain networks.

Overview: Solana’s Gaming Presence on Epic Games Store

Solana, known for its unique approach to blockchain technology, has made significant strides in the gaming world. Its presence on the Epic Games Store, a major platform for PC gaming, highlights the growing popularity of Web3 games. This article provides an overview of the Solana games currently available on the Epic Games Store.

Solana Games on Epic Games Store: A Diverse Collection

  • Star Atlas: This sci-fi MMORPG utilizes Solana for its tokens and NFTs. Despite a reduction in its development team, the game continues progressing, with early access footage showing an impressive world of spaceships and futuristic characters. While it doesn’t have a set release date yet, a demo is available for NFT holders​​.
  • Aurory: Described as a mix between Pokémon and The Matrix, Aurory is a fantasy RPG initially launched on Solana. The game plans to expand to Ethereum’s Arbitrum network as well. “Seekers of Tokane,” its RPG expansion, will be available on the Epic Games Store and promises vast lands for exploration and expanded battle features. Its release date is still pending​​.
  • Yaku: A social metaverse game supporting both Solana and Ethereum blockchains, Yaku is currently in early access on the Epic Games Store. The game is focused on user-generated content in a dystopian sci-fi world ruled by a powerful corporation. It plans to release content incrementally over the next five to seven years​​.
  • Chain Crisis: This free-to-play cyberpunk shooter is set in the fictional world of Warpgate City. Currently in pre-alpha, it is anticipated to release in 2024. The game features avatar NFTs on Solana and aims to include in-game character cosmetics as NFTs​​.
  • Angelic: Dark Symphony: A sci-fi RPG offering various modes like multiplayer, co-op, and single-player. The game, listed as coming soon on the Epic Games Store, emphasizes its commitment to avoiding pay-to-win mechanics. Its developers have secured significant funding and plan to include optional NFT elements​​.

The inclusion of Solana-based games on the Epic Games Store marks a significant moment in the convergence of blockchain technology and mainstream gaming. With a range of genres and innovative use of NFTs and tokens, these games are paving the way for a new era of gaming experiences. As the blockchain gaming sector grows, Solana’s presence on platforms like the Epic Games Store is likely to expand, offering gamers new and immersive ways to play.