Aurory Gaming Platform Enters Ethereum’s Arbitrum

Aurory Gaming Platform Enters Ethereum's Arbitrum

Aurory, the prominent gaming franchise, has unveiled plans to integrate with Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum. This move is set to take Aurory’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games beyond the existing boundaries of the Solana blockchain. The initiative aims to foster increased user inclusivity by enabling the interchangeability of Aurory NFTs and its native AURY token across multiple blockchains.

Enhancing User Flexibility

Aurory’s key objective is not to migrate from Solana, but to expand and offer increased accessibility to users. Their SyncSpace technology will facilitate the transition of users’ assets between Solana and Arbitrum, and further into the games.

Aurory’s Executive Producer, Jonathan Campeau, highlighted that the platform is looking to diversify from a purely business perspective. The primary aim is to simplify the user experience, especially for those familiar only with the Ethereum ecosystem and wallets like MetaMask.

Bridging Blockchain Cultures

Aurory’s initiative is not about moving token holders from one chain to another, as the Head of Marketing and Business Development, Michael Natoli, explained. “The goal is to create new gateways into the game, to engage other cryptocurrency communities and leverage their liquidity. This step is designed to broaden the Aurory experience to Arbitrum’s dedicated Web3 ecosystem.

The proposed ‘on-ramps’ will enable players to import Aurory NFTs and USDC stablecoins into the game via either chain. Once inside, USDC can be exchanged for the game’s AURY token.

Future Growth Strategy

Aurory is paving the way for future growth with this expansion. While Arbitrum is the first stepping stone, other chains like Polygon and Avalanche are on Aurory’s radar. Aurory’s foray into Arbitrum also anticipates stimulating new game experiences tied to specific chains, encouraging players to explore different blockchains.

Two games are currently under development: “Aurory Adventures,” a player-versus-environment role-playing game, and “Aurory Tactics,” a player-versus-player battle arena game.

This strategic move is expected to fortify Aurory’s position in the NFT gaming sector and continue its journey towards becoming a trailblazer in cross-chain gaming experiences.