War of Crypta Review

War of Crypta Review

For the first time in the cryptocurrency industry, I am very excited to present to you the War of Crypta. A blockchain game with 3D GraphicsPVP Environment, and Mad Dragons. This is our War of Crypta Review and we will update it once the game is released.

The game is currently under development, and the company is ready to launch its pre-sale. The Private pre-sale of War of Crypto will take place on July 10th, and the Public pre-sale will start on July 12th. Dates postponed, please read here about the new dates. As always, early adopters will enjoy most of the benefits.

The game is currently under development using the Unity engine by Lucille Games, one of the first who takes advantage of the Unity SDK by ENJ. First, they will release the web version, and later the mobile game will come out.

The game will utilize incredible battle mechanics and will be a full-blown 3D game.


War of Crypta Review

Assist the alliance force with your mighty friends and defeat the corrupted enemy forces. You and your friends can save the realm from eternal slavery and death.

That sounds OK for a story. I wouldn’t expect anything more since the game is Multiplayer, and all the fun should be around the PVP Environment. The War of Crypta will use the Enjin platform to create in-game virtual assets. In other words, ENJ will be the main currency to purchase gems and heroes in-game.

Gamers will be able to level-up, customize, and battle ENJ-powered crypto-heroes — and buy and sell them for Enjin Coin. That’s all for our small War of Crypta Review for today.

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