War of Crypto postponed Pre-Sale Date

It has been a tough period for the Enjin team who delivered the ERC 1155 Standard some days ago. With a telegram post in the official War of Crypto group, devs stated that the smart contracts deployment to the main net is delayed. In simple English, if smart contracts are not available, you won’t have true ownership of your hero from the first day.

New War of Crypto Pre-Sale Dates

Enjin team guarantees that smart contracts are going to be deployed in the main network until July 28. in other words, private pre-sale will start on July 28 instead of July 10 that was originally scheduled and public pre-sale will open on July 30 instead of July 12.

What’s Next?

Dates are final. The team has some thoughts about launching the game in a centralized mode to avoid delay but that would go against their purpose. True ownership is a must.

We are waiting for more information to be released for the Private pre-sale in the next days. Moreover, the team stated:

“We were originally going to have 200,000 ENJ used in minting the pre-sale heroes, however due to this delay we will be increasing it by 50%. That means that 300,000 ENJ will be used instead of 200,000 for same amount of Heroes.”

War of Crypto is the first 3D Game using Enjin Cryptocurrency, probably the most active Project around Blockchain Gaming Industry.

Benefits of Joining the War of Crypto Private Pre-Sale.

Collect up to 8 pre-sale heroes with exclusive, unique skins. These skins will only be available during the pre-sale.

Headstart! These heroes can be used in-game when WoC beta launches on Web and Mobile.

A unique hero will be available during pre-sale. This hero will never be reproduced after pre-sale.

Pre-sale supporters will be exclusive sellers of the skins after the pre-sale has ended.

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