Everseed Game Demo is Live!

Everseed Game Demo is Live!

You’re in for a treat because Everseed just dropped a surprise release of their latest gameplay demo, called Path of Radiance. This new version is packed with exciting updates and many more.

First up, the demo has a fresh new interface that’s way more user-friendly than before. Say goodbye to the minimalism of the past and hello to a cleaner look. But that’s not all – there are new maps to explore, new creatures to battle, and new plants to discover. One of the cool new plants spits fire, while another creates stream tiles.

If you’ve got an Everseed Ranger or Plant NFT, you’re in luck! Just head over to https://www.everseed.com/ to access the demo. Don’t have an NFT? No worries, you can grab an Everseed Plant for a reasonable price.

Now, let’s talk strategy. Everseed introduces an upgrade system called Radiance that lets you level up your plants with perks. You can choose from options like extra damage or greater range, giving your plants an edge in battle. But remember, each plant can only have two upgrades, so choose wisely!

While the new demo does include a Shop and rewards players with Gems for completing maps, these features aren’t functional yet. So, keep an eye out for future updates to make the most of your gems.

One downside, though, players can’t pick their Pet companions anymore. They’re auto-assigned now, but fingers crossed that this feature makes a comeback in the next demo. Until then, happy gaming, and may your gardens flourish!