Blankos Block Party Now Available on MacOS

Blankos Block Party MacOS

Today November 30,2021 , Blankos Block Party was released on macOS. Cross-playing features were additionally added to the game. This is a fascinating action due to the updates and content that will surely come. To play on macOS, these are the recommended specs: OS: macOS Sierra Version 10.12 or newer Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 or equivalent Ram: 8 …

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Aavegotchi To Launch Scholarships With Gotchi Lending

Aavegotchi Scholarships

Earning money without Spending money. In most play-to-ern games, you need to spend a significant amount of money to get started. But since Axie Infinity first introduced Scholarships, things have changed. Scholarship is when someone owns a digital asset and lends it to someone else for a period of time for a profit sharing. However, scholarships nowadays …

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AAG Ventures Guild Invests in VulcanVerse Scholarships

Vulcan Forged AGG partnership

Another Gaming Guild is investing in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and it’s Cedalion (Scholarship) program. AAG Ventures Guild has invested in total over $1 Million. AAG Ventures purchased land plots in Vulcan Verse and $PYR, with the estimated price being over $1 Million. This partnership will benefit both companies by sharing data between them and increasing scholarships in …

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DappRadar Introduces $RADAR Token

DappRadar expands and help shaping the decentralized future. By introducing $RADAR token, the firm will unlock new opportunities for the users of DappRadar who be able to directly contribute to the future of DappRadar by sharing their ideas and governance for the future of the platform. Holders will benefit from keeping their $RADAR tokens. The benefits …

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RTS Game Hash Rush Implements Trading Between Players

Hash Rush Trading between players is live.

Hash Rush a real-time strategy game that focuses on competing for resources, items, and Rush coins, has enabled trading between players in it’s playtest version. In the universe of Hash Rush, which is one of the oldest blockchain games in existence, Ernacks are the main creatures that help you mine, build, and attack creatures to earn …

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OliveX Fitness Metaverse Raises $5.78M

OliveX Fitness Metaverse

OliveX an upcoming Fitness Metaverse raised 8 Million Australian Dollars ($5.78M) with the support of Animoca Brands to bring the fitness Metaverse closer to us, as well as the running game, Dustland Runner. Animoca Brands, One Football, and Bombora Investment Management are the investors of the capital raise. Fitness Metaverse OliveX’s fitness Metaverse will be …

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Gemini Raised $400M To Expand In Different Metaverses

Gemini Against Meta Metaverse

Join the News Telegram Channel and never miss an important update. Winklevoss twins plan to build a Decentralized Metaverse against Zuckebergs Centralized Metaverse. Morgan Creek Digital led the $400 Million Capital raise for Gemini with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BoostVC, United Talent Agency, and many more contributors.  Gemini will use a portion of the funding …

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League Of Ancients Review: Play-To-Earn NFT MOBA Game

League of Ancients Moba Play-To-Earn Game

Have you ever imagined playing League of Legends and earning money? League of Ancients is trying to do precisely this by developing an upcoming Mobile MOBA NFT game that looks similar to League of Legends and Dota2. Inspiration The inspiration came from the well-known MOBA games, as we mentioned above. The logo and the upcoming game’s name …

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Ethernal Gladiators: The Latest Enjin Game

Ethernal Gladiators upcoming Enjin Game.

Enjin’s ecosystem welcomes another game. Ethernal Gladiators is the newest member of the Adopter Program. Ethernal Gladiators is an upcoming play-to-earn RPG game that offers rewards based on player skills, giving everyone a fair shot at winning. For players to have a positive experience, the game is building on the gas-free JumpNet Blockchain, with plans …

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