The Battle of The Metaverse is Just Getting Started

The Battle of the Metaverse

There is no doubt that we are experiencing the battle of the metaverse. The technological advancement of society leads to the Metaverse and user-owned economies. That’s indeed inevitable, and the big tech is jumping in, now that is still early. Microsoft, Meta, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Atari and Nike are some of the big …

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Play to Earn With Crypto Games (P2E)

Play to earn with crypto games, nft's and the blockchain technology

Editor’s note: Article updated 11/11/2020. Although companies in the Gaming industry earn billions of dollars every year, players still don’t get rewarded for their time and efforts. Think of the countless hours you spent gaming and all the loot earned but eventually was never really yours. If selling in-game items is illegal, then your items …

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CoronaVirus: Calling Gamers to Help

eGamers corona virus

Good day everyone, with the majority of the world being a step away from full lock-down, I took the time to write a few things regarding your protection and how we could all possibly contribute to confronting this plague. My Country is in a semi-lockdown mode like the rest of the world. Unfortunately, people are …

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Ethereum Still Leads The Way in Blockchain Gaming

You take a good look around and everything seems so indie, and that’s the truth. While we are heading towards mainstream adoption with giant gaming studios joining the scene, we need more and better titles, scalable blockchains to host our beloved games and a convenient way to convert gamers into blockchain gamers. Or am i …

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Giveaway Warz ? Happy Birthday eGamers ?

Today, and for the next two months, we are hosting the Giveaway Warz! A series of 18 Giveaways with blockchain games you don’t want to miss! Join us today and win incredible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to empower your journey into blockchain gaming! Join Now The Giveaway Warz Have you checked the giveaways? Great! 🙂 Continue …

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GG Specials: – The Multiverse Regulated Exchange

Welcome to the GG Specials articles series, within the next days, we will present you all the games and platforms that assisted the Global Guerillas social sharing game which you can still participate until July 12th. Don’t miss your chance to win some “Ukuduma Blue Dragons” MFT by Kriptomat in the Global Guerillas. In this …

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Enjin Meetup Singapore & Introduction Into Enjin Ecosystem

A big shoutout to TheDappers, AltcoinBuzz, and Enjin for hosting this amazing event to spread more awareness about the amazing things Enjin is doing and is able to do. The meetup was about a 2hours event held in Singapore and people of all ages were streaming in to learn more about Enjin. After some introduction …

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MyCryptoHeroes First Meetup in Singapore

MyCryptoHero(MCH) had 3 days ago their first meetup outside of Japan with Kokushi, Biz Dev for MCH, giving an excellent presentation on their game. It was a humble meetup and lots of people were introduced to the most successful and biggest dapp in Japan as well as the most popular blockchain game.For those of you …

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