NEW ETH ERC-1155 Token for Gamers by ENJ

A new player has spawned in the area and his name is… ERC-1155.

The new standard known as ERC 1155 is publicly available through the Ethereum Blockchain by Witem Radomski, co-founder, and CTO of ENJ.

Instead of creating a new contract for every in-game item, the ERC-1155 stores all the little necessary information in one contract.

The new token standard also allows for easier atomic swaps between tokens. A swap between two tokens established on ERC20 would require 4 steps. This is not the case anymore.

ERC-1155 tokens swaps in just 2 steps, it also allows users to send multiple items/tokens in once transaction to different users. This is great news if you consider that every time I have to play a decentralized game, any action costs me time and money.

Moreover, the standard allows for the creation of fungible and non-fungible items. Fungible could be your weapon and non-fungible your armor.

A quote from Radomski’s Post

“ERC-1155 brings a new level of efficiency and potential to any application that needs to work with tens, hundreds or thousands of tokens, and removes barriers imposed by existing token designs.”

ENJ Platform allows anyone to create ERC-1155 in a nice Graphical Environment.

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