Confirmed: EFI Public Token Sale is Coming

EFI Public Token Sale

In Brief: Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin revealed on Twitter that there will be an EFI public token sale. The sale will take place after EFI token generation. Enjin’s Jumpnet counts over 50 early adopters including Microsoft & Binance. The revealing news of Efinity last March had two surprises. The first was Enjin choosing Polkadot for the …

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Enjin Raises $18.9 Million to Develop Efinity – The Go-To Blockchain For NFTs

Enjin Raises .9 Million to Develop Efinity

There is no doubt that NFTs are here to stay, and Enjin, the leading solution of tokenization, is getting ready to embrace all tokens from all blockchains. The trading volume of NFTs back in December 2020 was roughly $12 million. Three months later, on March 31, 2021, that number has grown to over $500 million. …

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Efinity: Enjin’s Weapon to Dominate The NFT Industry

Efinity scaling solution by Enjin

In Brief: Enjin to release JumpNet on April 6 & Efinity later in 2021. The scaling solution offers free transactions and free minting. Efinity will grow to become an interoperable blockchain that supports all tokens. Enjin announced today, March 3, 2020, the future release of its scalable solution. While everyone was expecting Efinity, Enjin surprised …

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Tokenizing Real Estate With Enjin & LABS Group

Tokenizing The Real Estate With Enjin & LABS Group

In Brief: Enjin announces a collaboration with LABS Group. Labs Group will use Enjin’s platform to offer tokenized real estate properties. Retail investors will be able to buy fractionalized deeds for as low as $100. Today Enjin taps into the real estate market with fractionalized deeds on the blockchain. To make that happen, LABS Group …

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Mass Adoption: Enjin Gets Approved in Japan

Enjin Gets Approved in Japan

In Brief: Enjin gets approved in Japan by the Virtual Currency Exchange Association. Enjin is now the first gaming token authorized for use in Japan, unlocking enormous potentials in the world’s 3rd biggest gaming market. The Japanese exchange Coincheck will list $ENJ on January 26. Japan’s Gaming Industry has 67 million gamers, and revenues expect …

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Enjin Launches Japan’s First Charity NFT Project

Japan’s First Charity NFT Project

Gracone Inc., led by the prominent Japanese blockchain entrepreneur Miss Bitcoin, announced Japan’s first charity NFT project in association with Enjin. The project will launch through the Cryptocurrency donation platform Kizuna. The first campaign will use tokenized art NFT’s created by Japanese celebrities using the Enjin platform and aims to raise over 2,000,000 JPY (US$20,000) for …

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Atari, Enjin & The Fabricant Partner to Launch Digital Fashion Crypto Collectibles

Atari is lending its IP to digital fashion house “The Fabricant” for the incorporation of fashion non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Enjin-powered bloc kchain games. Digital fashion, blockchain, and video games come together today in a world-first with the launch of a new Atari-inspired digital NFT (non-fungible token) fashion line, built using Enjin’s suite of tools …

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Atari Partners With Enjin & Brings Atari NFTs to The Gaming Multiverse

Atari partners with Enjin

In Brief: Atari partners with Enjin to bring its IP and Licenses to Multiverse blockchain games. The first integration will come for the updated version of the Kick Off!™ series in 2021. Players can purchase Atari-themed NFTs to customize their avatars in mid-December 2020. In December, Enjin brought Skymarch Entertainment on board with three quality games. Now it’s …

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The BEST NFTs For 2020? Annual NFT Awards Announced

NFT awards

In Brief:

  • The first annual NFT Awards winners announced via Livestream on December 9, 2020.
  • NFT of the Year 2020 is ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē by Micah Johnson.
  • More NFTs awarded in various categories.

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Enjin to Launch Enterprise Tokenization Solutions With Alex Solomon as Executive Director

Alex Solomon

Enjin has announced today Alex Solomon as the Executive Director for Enterprise Platforms. The Enterprise Stack will allow the creation of token-based projects through the use of Blueprints, asset minting and other services. Alex Solomon joins Enjin from Microsoft where he worked the past twenty years in various roles, including marketing operations and Azure Direct …

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