Blockchain as a Measure Against Cyberpiracy

Ethereum Privacy

This is a sponsored Story. It does not represent the views of As it became known in recent times, Microsoft has announced that the company will use Ethereum’s blockchain to undertake anti-piracy campaigns. This is primarily geared towards the company’s Windows operating system and Office package. This announcement from Microsoft is in line with …

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Atari Partners With Enjin & Brings Atari NFTs to The Gaming Multiverse

Atari partners with Enjin

In Brief: Atari partners with Enjin to bring its IP and Licenses to Multiverse blockchain games. The first integration will come for the updated version of the Kick Off!™ series in 2021. Players can purchase Atari-themed NFTs to customize their avatars in mid-December 2020. In December, Enjin brought Skymarch Entertainment on board with three quality games. Now it’s …

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Chainlink VRF is Live on Ethereum And Embraces Blockchain Gaming

Chainlink tap into gaming with VRF (Verifiable Random Function)

Chainlink tap into gaming with VRF (Verifiable Random Function) technology that went live earlier today on the Ethereum network. VRF is a highly secure and provably fair source of on-chain randomness for all kinds of blockchain-based applications, NFTs, and games.  On May 23, 2020, The Six Dragons, a Multiverse Game powered by the Enjin ecosystem, became one of …

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Enjin Presents The ERC-1155 Ethereum Based Token

Enjin Presents The ERC-1155

Enjin Presents The ERC-1155 Token for gamers. The new standard known as ERC 1155 is publicly available through the Ethereum Blockchain by Witem Radomski, co-founder, and CTO of ENJ. ERC-1155 token stores all the little necessary information in just one contract instead of creating a new contract for every in-game item. The new token standard …

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