Ethereum Web3 URLs Designated to Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry

Ethereum introduced a new Web3 URL standard called ERC-4804
Ethereum Web3 URLs Designated to Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry

Hello egamers! Qu Zhou, the founder of ETHStorage, together with Ethereum researcher Sami Wilson and Chao Pi, announced the launch of a new Web3 URL to EVM call messages called ERC-4804.

This new URL standard is designated to revolutionize the Web3 industry by enabling and providing users with a simple way to access the content of Ethereum and Web3 directly. 

Forget HTTP, as this new URL standard can’t be blocked, and also allows internet users to access ETH-based applications and NFTs in a decentralized manner. In detail, ERC-4804 will allow users to access dynamic NFT, on-chain music NFT, personal websites, hostless wallets, dropbox, GitHub, and others, just by typing web3:// instead of http://.

However, ERC-4804 will not be financially viable for most cases as the storage fee on ETH is very high. According to Qu Zhou, “The critical issue here is that the storage cost on Ethereum is super, super expensive on mainnet,” Zhu said.

He then added, “For example, 1 Gigabyte of on-chain data will cost roughly $10 million. […] That is unacceptable for many Web2 applications and even many NFTs,” Zhou added, noting that layer-2 storage solutions could help mitigate some of the costs.

So what do you think? Will ERC-4804 get mainstream and revolutionize the whole blockchain industry?