Yield Guild Games Token Sold Out In 31 Seconds

Yield Guild Games Token Sale

Yield Guild Games token sale was sold out within 31 seconds! With an auction price of 0.49984 USDC per token, TGG sold all 25 million YGG Tokens raising a total of $12,496,000. The impressive (and disappointing) thing about the sale is that 32 participants bought all the available supply which left out many community members …

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Wombat has Integrated Ethereum

Ethereum wombat

It’s been two years since Wombat was introduced and the second year of Wombat was a very exciting time for it. In the second year, people noticed DeFi bloom in Telos and EOS and it was further simplified with pTokens and Defibox. Although there were several changes in the second year of Wombat, the goal …

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Stake & Borrow Enjin NFTs With Drops

Enjin Drops

Drops have announced a partnership with the NFT platform Enjin to enable users to stake and borrow against Enjin-powered NFTs. Drops users will be able to use their Enjin-powered NFTs for getting a range of popular Ethereum-based assets, including stable coins as loans. Users will be able to use these borrowed funds for yield farming in Drops Vault.  …

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Formula 1 Hits $100 Million Cryptocurrency Sponsorship 

Formula 1 Crypto.Com

Formula 1 has a new sponsorship deal with crypto.com. This crypto.com platform is recognized as one of the fastest-growing platforms, with over 10 million users who buy and sell cryptocurrencies.  Formula 1 also announced that the first event is organized at Silverstone on Saturday, July 17,. according to the information, this deal is worth $100 …

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