Blocklords : Mainnet launch and close beta review

Blocklords is a strategic territorial expansion and role-playing game that is deployed on the Tron mainnet and will be on the NEO network next month. Blocklords had won the NEO.GAME blockchain award last year and also clinched one of the top prizes from TRON accelerator earlier this year. We congratulate them for their wonderful achievement …

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0xUniverse Review – The Space Blockchain Strategy Game

0xUniverse is a space exploration game where you start by owning one planet and start building spaceships to discover more planets. This game is currently available on PC only and accessing the game on mobile will only allow you to browse planets. To start playing the game, you are required to purchase a single planet …

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Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Games

Begginer's guide to crypto game - tutorial

New to Blockchain Gaming aka Crypto Gaming aka dapp gaming? All the terms above seem suitable to use when it comes to crypto games because they utilize blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, crypto games can also be referred to as Blockchain Games or dapp games. (decentralized games) View our Crypto Games List & Find Your …

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Hedgie : The Review – A Pet Adventure Crypto Game

Hedgie is a pet adventuring game where you send your Hedgies, your very own cute hedgehog pets, to go on adventures to find Curio or resources to upgrade your Hedgie house! Players will get one free Hedgie upon creating their account but the attributes of the Hedgie will be completely random. Subsequent Hedgies can be …

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Crypto Idle Miner: The Review

Crypto Idle Miner Review

It was about time to see a fun and addictive Play-to-Earn blockchain game for Android & iOS. Crypto Idle Miner combines 5 niches into one. Mobile, Games, Crypto, Mining and play to earn model. As an idle game, you get to play while multitasking, with no option to lose your earnings, The game rewards players …

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5 Collectible Blockchain Games To Play

Collectible Blockchain Games

Editors Note: This article was updated on July 2nd, 2020. Cryptage Origins and Everdragons were removed from this article because they are not playable anymore. After CryptoKities, a new wave of collectible blockchain games began to rise, each one with tons of extra features and unique mechanics. Collectible Blockchain Games Some will say collectibles are not …

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War of Crypta Review

War of Crypta Review

For the first time in the cryptocurrency industry, I am very excited to present to you the War of Crypta. A blockchain game with 3D Graphics, PVP Environment, and Mad Dragons. This is our War of Crypta Review and we will update it once the game is released. The game is currently under development, and the company is ready to launch its pre-sale. …

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