Marble Heroes is The Newest P2E Game

Marble Heroes

Marble Heroes is the latest game with many key revenue drivers in the emerging world of play-to-earn.

Not long ago, no one even imagined that we would be able to earn why we play games, but thanks to blockchain and decentralization, we can finally play these awesome games and earn an income. As NFTs and cryptocurrencies took over the internet, blockchain gaming had to come, and well, it is here to last. 

Until then, we’ve seen tons of blockchain games in the industry, and most of them are performing well. We have come a long way from Axie Infinity to Blockchain Brawlers and the mesmerizing VulcanVerse by Vulcan Forged.

In the world of blockchain gaming, the latest addition we’re seeing is Marble Heroes. The game features a play-to-earn mechanism by utilizing NFTs. (such as in the form of heroes and other in-game assets)

In the game, the players can trade their assets – they pay transaction fees in $MBH tokens. Marble Heroes allows the players to play two modes; PvE and PvP battles. To progress in the game, the players have to demonstrate exceptional strategies. The battles are action-packed and full of unique counter mechanics. Marble Heroes is heaven for customization lovers. 

Why Is Marble Heroes Unique?

Unlike other blockchain games, Marble Heroes is going to be one of the earliest games to join the games with the best and exemplary methodology. It will be an SPG + CCG game developed over extended periods of time with repeated explorations and test results.

What will the game offer?

  • SPGs Tenacious Riddle
  • Haphazardnress of Games
  • Solid Enhanced Visualizations and Vital Activities

Additionally, the team has reviewed the blockchain games market and is eager to bring a product that’s never been seen before. Yes, there have been tons of blockchain games featuring NFTs and GameFi, but according to the team, there is an “absence of rationale and absence of advancement.”

Playing Marble Heroes

Each character has a center in the game – a body or avatar that you play as. Your character has other body parts and traits such as hands, legs, eyes, mouth, etc. You can customize your character however you want by changing these body parts. 

When your character is brought on in the world of Marble Heroes, it comes with four cards that relate to four body parts:

  • Hand – Assault
  • Leg – Speed
  • Body – Safeguard
  • Insight – Spell

MBH Tokenomics

Total Token Supply – 550,000,000

Initial Circulation Supply – 55,000,000

MBH will be required to buy ammunition or fuel for the game and to upgrade their NFT characters.

The Distribution

pasted image 0 2 Marble Heroes is the latest game with many key revenue drivers in the emerging world of play-to-earn.
Marble Heroes is The Newest P2E Game 29

“Most of the tokens will be allocated to game bonuses, enabling us to reward players, improve game retention, and adjust rewards for all players. MBH tokens will be provided to players and creators as an incentive to continue to develop the game and the surrounding communities,” stated Marble Heroes.

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