Vulcan Forged Introduces The Frenzy Pass For Its Upcoming Games

The Frenzy Pass, Rewards Pools, and More to Come

Vulcan Forged has once again excited the community and the VF family, announcing Frenzy Pass, a tool and an economic system for even more rewards and balance. As Vulcan Forged said, puny mortals, harvest between 1 and 300 $LAVA ($400) a day playing their most popular games, Berserk and VulcanVerse. This is about time to change …

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Vulcon2 Meet-Up Event From Vulcan Forged Is Coming To Greece This June

Vulcon2 Meetup in Zappeion Athens

Vulcon2 event is coming the city of Olympian Gods, Athens, on June 14, 2022, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM at Zappeion, a neoclassical mansion built in the city center of Athens in 1888, intertwined with the history of modern Greece. As per Wikipedia, many historical events have taken place at the Zappeion Megaron, including …

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Vulcan Forged Phalanx Overview

Phalanx is a minting engine for limited edition Phalanx characters-NFTs differ in clans and status. Vulcan Forged launched a minting engine where NFTs can be created over ten different clans and statuses: Common Rare Epic Legendary Still on its Alpha Stage, not yet launched ultimately for everyone and expected to launch at the end of January, …

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100 Times Stronger: Vulcan Forged Accelerates Recovery

Vulcan Forged Fast Recovery

In Brief: Vulcan Forged recovers fast after the hacking incident with a $PYR Fork and a Buyback campaign. The popular wallet and exchange service listed $PYR token day. Troy land will be airdropped to users who hold an undisclosed (yet) amount of $PYR. A new tower defense game is expected to launch today. Five …

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Get Your Free VulcanVerse Scholarship Today

The famous Decentralized MMORPG & Metaverse VulcanVerse is now open to public and the VulcanVerse Cedalion program (scholarships) is live for everyone. Anyone can now become a scholar by renting a land for free through the VulcanForged website to earn $LAVA tokens and NFTs. Related: Everything you need to know about VulcanVerse Land renting, owning and scholarships. …

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AAG Ventures Guild Invests in VulcanVerse Scholarships

Vulcan Forged AGG partnership

Another Gaming Guild is investing in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and it’s Cedalion (Scholarship) program. AAG Ventures Guild has invested in total over $1 Million. AAG Ventures purchased land plots in Vulcan Verse and $PYR, with the estimated price being over $1 Million. This partnership will benefit both companies by sharing data between them and increasing scholarships in …

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Binance & Huobi Lists Vulcan Forged PYR

Binance PYR

Today, November 26th, Binance listed Vulcan Forged’s $PYR for trading at 08:00 UTC. PYR/BTC, PYR/BUSD, and PYR/USDT are the available trading pairs. Anyone who wishes to deposit $PYR to his Binance account can start now, but withdrawals will open at 08:00 UTC tomorrow. Additionally, $PYR was also listed today on the well-known Huobi exchange, Recently, …

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Frenzy: An SDK For The Metaverse By Vulcan Forged

Frenzy SDK: An SDK for the Metaverse

In Brief: Vulcan Forged will release the Frenzy SDK on December 6th. Interested projects and Metaverses can integrate VF assets. $Lava, the play-to-earn token can also get integrated into multiple games through the Frenzy SDK. Join the Vulcan Forged Ecosystem, Play any Free Game and get double Rewards until December 31st. There are many SDKs …

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VulcanVerse Scholarships: Everything You Need To Know

VulcanVerse Scholarship coming soon

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem is getting ready for the public beta launch of VulcanVerse MMORPG and its automated Cedalion (scholarship) program with Land plots, Berserk cards and Vulcanites. The highly anticipated game will open its gates to the public later this month, and the community’s excitement has led the price of the $PYR token to …

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