Berserk V3.3.6 Unveiled: Elysium Integration and Game Enhancements

Berserk V3.3.6 Unveiled: Elysium Integration and Game Enhancements

Berserk, Vulcan Forged’s NFT collectible card game, has announced its full transition to Elysium. With the release of V3.3.6, new gamers can begin their experience without any prior requirements or workarounds. Direct social login functionality is expected to be available in the game’s upcoming release.

Key Feature Updates:

  1. User Interface Overhaul: A redesigned Login/Sign Up screen provides a smoother user experience.
  2. MMR Decay System: A new decay system has been introduced for top-10% players who remain inactive for more than 48 hours. Players in this category will experience a 10% MMR decay daily until they are no longer in the top 10%. Mobile app users will receive notifications warning them of approaching inactivity thresholds.
  3. End-Game Modifications: Once a player’s deck is exhausted, they will incur 2 damage every turn. This new rule disregards the number of cards in hand or on the field, setting a clear path toward determining the victor.
  4. Card Adjustments: Numerous card balances, naming, and description changes align with Elysium card designs. Significant changes include modifications to the Mirror Shield mechanics, Kobaloi Pillager, and Kobaloi Shaman effects.
  5. Improved Navigation: Players can now either log out, retain the game’s open status, or close the game entirely through the “Exit Game” buttons.

Advancements in Game Patches

Integrating the final New Beginnings Balance patches allows the team to focus on enabling booster pack openings, enhancing the overall experience for players, and introducing new NFTs in preparation for Season 4.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Numerous improvements have been made to enhance user interaction and game stability. This includes better UI for unavailable cards, refined interactions with the training bot, solutions for game crashes, and more efficient reporting tools. Optimizations to the lobby, main menu, and card sorting have also been implemented. However, players should note the ongoing issue with the “Remember me” function on the sign-in screen and temporary issues accessing certain web pages in the game.