What to Play? Tournaments, Giveaways & Play-to-Earn Opportunities

play-to-earn opportunities

Hello, blockchain gamers! Today I’m sharing with you some play-to-earn opportunities and free NFT assets you can claim during this period. Less is more, so let’s skip introductions. GALA May Mayhem Tournament with over 1$ Million in prizes. Although Town Star is a game that rewards the top 100 players in every tournament, this time, …

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Berserk Launches Android Version & Season 1 With $100,000 Rewards

Berserk launches android and ios version

8/7/2021: Article updated to include iOS version release. In Brief: The TCG Berserk launched iOS version following Android a few days ago. Season 1 will feature $100,000 in play-to-earn prizes. The game doesn’t require to setup a wallet, making it easily accessible by everyone. The TCG game of Vulcan Forged, Berserk can now be played …

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