Find Vulcan Forged, Berserk & VulcanVerse Analytics on DappRadar

Vulcan Forged Dapp Radar analytics

Vulcan Forged continues to attract publicity and seeing ecosystem growth. This is no surprise to us since they are on track and constantly deliver new products and updates. DappRadar users now have access to dapp analytics from the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. This includes all relevant and useful data about their flagship MMORPG VulcanVerse, the trading …

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Berserk: The First Vulcan Forged Game That Earns LAVA Tokens

Berserk Lava Rewards

Berserk is a free-to-play blockchain collectible trading card game from Vulcan Forged that is available on the web and Google Play Store. It has become the first game on Vulcan Forged that allows players to earn the newly launched LAVA token. Get ready for Season 2 of Berserk with a prize pool of $100k in …

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Play to Earn $100,000: Berserk Season One Has Just Started

Berserk Season One Launch

Do you play for money? Then you are in the right place! Berserk Season one has just started with $100,000 in $PYR Rewards for the top 100 players based on ELO fights and those with the most wins.  Until today, 1,000 players have registered for Berserk’s Season One game which remains an under-the-radar game and increases your …

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Tournaments, Giveaways & Play-to-Earn Opportunities

play-to-earn opportunities

Hello, blockchain gamers! Today I’m sharing with you some play-to-earn opportunities and free NFT assets you can claim during this period. Less is more, so let’s skip introductions. GALA May Mayhem Tournament with over 1$ Million in prizes. Although Town Star is a game that rewards the top 100 players in every tournament, this time, …

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Berserk Launches Android Version & Season 1 With $100,000 Rewards

Berserk launches android and ios version

8/7/2021: Article updated to include iOS version release. In Brief: The TCG Berserk launched iOS version following Android a few days ago. Season 1 will feature $100,000 in play-to-earn prizes. The game doesn’t require to setup a wallet, making it easily accessible by everyone. The TCG game of Vulcan Forged, Berserk can now be played …

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Berserk Overview – TCG on Vulcan Forged

Berserk TCG Game

Today I’m playing Berserk, a new TCG on the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Currently, Berserk is available in an “early” version with multiplayer and AI matches.  As we would expect from a TCG, you start with a deck of 30 cards (provided by the game), and you battle in turns until one of you gets to …

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