Vulcan Forged Announced The Berserk Booster Pack Sale

All the cards will be free to use until they are forged as NFTs.
Vulcan Forged Announced The Berserk Booster Pack Sale

Leading gaming studio Vulcan Forged announced yesterday that the first expansion set for Berserk TCG is soon to be live, ready to go through its balancing phase!

Starting today, community members can do themselves a favor and get discounted booster packs by getting ahead of everyone!

Berserk Booster Pack Sale

In brief:

  • Sale starts today 
  • Packs contain five random cards
  • The base price is 10 $PYR

The sale officially started today, October 4th! Players can visit the Vulcan’s Vault and purchase booster packs after signing in to My Forge. Prices will change as the sale goes on.

The sale will end when the three months are up or once all packs are sold, while the remaining packs will be put back in the Vault for future prizes, foraging rewards, etc.

What will the booster packs contain? Booster packs will contain five cards out of the 24 basic tier cards, having a base price of 10 $PYR. These cards open new possibilities and dimensions of complexities to deck building. They also open a variety of competitive decks. (at all the levels)

Packs will not be openable until after the balancing phase is complete and the cards are minted as NFTs. The packs will be tradeable on the market. Players can also get a discount by buying multiple packs at once. The discount will be 20% and will decrease over the course of the sale.

Vulcan Forged created the Vulcan’s Vault to give utility back to NFT owners. Reportedly 50% of the revenue generated by the current booster pack sale will be distributed to those who lock up their NFTs in the Berserk Vault pools. Starting today, the Vault will be open for 7 days to align with the start of the sale. You can lock up your card here!

The Cards

Jas, Junior Lorekeeper: Rally- Draw a card

Verdant Growth: Restore +4HP to all creatures

Wolf Pup Rally: Target creature gains +1/+0

Jas the Drunk: Confused

Cyclops Defender: Taunt

Breeze of Boreas: Gain +1 Lava

Jas the Unliving: Undead

Mangrave Tree: None

Vile Swamp Gas: Deal 2 damage to all creatures

Dervish Warrior: Rage

Forgotten Spartoi: Reborn

Hatching Eggs: Summon 2 1/1 Drakonewt Hatchlings

Drakonewt Hatchling: Poison