Berserk Game Introduces Exciting Updates for Season 4: Winds of War

Berserk Game Introduces Exciting Updates for Season 4: Winds of War

Berserk, the popular card game, announced that Season 4, titled “Winds of War,” is set to launch in just one week. In preparation for this release, the company shared a series of significant game enhancements, reflecting their commitment to delivering an optimized gaming experience.

Highlighting Key Game Enhancements

Bug Fixes: Persistent bugs have been identified and rectified.
Platform Fortification: Stability has been assured for uninterrupted gameplay.
Card Game Dynamics: Modifications have been made to card balance, ensuring better gameplay.
Aesthetic Upgrades: The design and layout have been modified for an improved visual experience.
NFT Advancements: Around 10,000 Origin NFTs have been integrated into Elysium, with an additional 240,000 minted for the “New Beginnings” pack.
Ease of Access: Users can now use their social accounts for hassle-free logins.
Gratitude is extended to the loyal Berserk community, whose invaluable feedback made these improvements possible.

Introducing the Winds of War Set

Post the introduction of the “New Beginnings” set in Season 3, the “Winds of War” card set emerges. Featuring two warring factions – The Horned Lodge and The Amazons, this set contains seven distinct cards for each faction. These cards, boasting unique synergies, are designed for players to devise and deploy myriad combinations, intensifying gameplay.

This set is exclusive, with only 8,100 packs available. It includes various card rarities, including 50 ultra-rare full-art legendary cards, making them a collector’s delight.

Matchmaking Rating System Revamp

In Season 4, a restructured Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system has been introduced to stimulate player engagement. Players should consistently participate throughout the season to maintain or improve their ranking. Those in the top 10% who refrain from playing a ranked match for more than 48 hours will experience a decline in their MMR. Mobile users will receive a notification to alert them of nearing the MMR decay threshold.

Vulcanite Abilities and Social Logins

Season 3 data informed the revision of Vulcanite abilities, aiming for balanced gameplay between levels 1-7. Players can now easily access Berserk using their social accounts, introducing a broader player base to the game and familiarizing them with digital asset ownership.

Enhanced Card Displays and Bug Reporting

Long-time players will observe a refreshed card design which better portrays intricate mechanics. Additionally, an in-game reporting system has been incorporated, allowing players to directly notify developers about any game issues.