Vulcon3: The Elysium Chapters Conference by Vulcan Forged

Vulcon3: The Elysium Chapters Conference of Vulcan Forged

The anticipated Vulcon3: The Elysium Chapters conference by Vulcan Forged was completed yesterday, May 27th, in New York, USA. Lots of renowned speakers participated, with famous Canadian TV Personality Kevil O’Leary and SkyBridge Capital CEO, and Founder, Anthony Scaramucci stealing the show.

Vulcon3 Live Stram

Vulcon3 Speakers

Setting the tone for the conference, Anthony Scaramucci led the opening discussion focused on the inevitable march towards economic decentralization. He also facilitated a Q&Α session with the audience, encouraging a fruitful discourse on the rapidly increasing adoption of blockchain technology.

Kevin O’Leary, a well-established Canadian businessman and TV personality, joined the conference virtually. During his interaction with Scaramucci, O’Leary emphasized the potential of cryptocurrency to revolutionize the dated existing payment systems.

The event continued with insightful talks from Brian Evans, a renowned entrepreneur and early-stage crypto and Web3 investor, and ICE T, a prolific rapper, songwriter, actor, and producer. ICE T shared his intriguing perspectives on his career and made forecasts about iTunes and video games.

Dionisis Kabiotis, the CEO and Founder of MyHealthVerse delivered the fifth talk, highlighting the unique offerings of his MyHealthVerse project. He shed light on how his venture, which focuses on the first Biomarkers NFT marketplace, fits into the Elysium Blockchain ecosystem.

Alex McConnell, the CEO of VendettaDAO, provided his take on the correlation between cryptocurrency and the wild west while discussing the Chalk River Metaverse. Following him, Brian Hazan, CEO of THE HUSL, shared updates about their efforts to empower creators with on-chain building tools.

Finally, Jamie Thomson, the CEO, and Founder of Vulcan Forged, wrapped up the conference with several important updates and exciting announcements. The event left the audience eager for more discussions and explorations into the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.