Win Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer & 500 In-Game NFTs

Frank Frazzeta Death Dealer

Another significant milestone for the Vulcan Forged ecosystem as Frank Frazetta’s famous artwork is coming as a unique NFT playable in VulcanVerse.  Users can purchase tickets with PYR for the final raffle that will reward a one-of-a-kind Death Dealer NFT and 500 other NFTs to the participants. To participate in the event, users will have to buy …

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Buy Vulcan Forged $PYR Using Credit Card

Buy pyr with credit card

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem continues non-stop development across all fields. The recent fiat-on-ramp addition allows users to buy $PYR tokens using credit cards through the official website with just a few clicks. This great service brings Vulcan Forged one step closer to easy adoption by regular gamers. In the past years, I have constantly been …

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VulcanVerse Beta Coming Soon

VulcanVerse Beta

Vulcan Forged ecosystem is close to the release of VulcanVerse Beta, the first MMORPG to be shipped on the blockchain with community-owned land and a decentralized economy. The anticipation is high as VulcanVerse have seen a revamp during the past weeks, and the momentum is growing along with the already big playerbase. Players will have …

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Vulcan Game Launchpad: $40k Development Grant For 50 Teams.

Vulcan Game Launchpad

Article updated to include the final submission form. Today the Vulcan Forged ecosystem completes another milestone by releasing the Vulcan Game Launchpad. Fifty teams and companies will have access to support, marketing, and $40,000 in development grant. To join apply here. If you follow the news from Vulcan Forged, you should probably notice things are moving forward …

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Vulcan Forged Marketplace Switches to $PYR on Polygon

Vulcan Forged Marketplace Switches to $PYR on Polygon

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem achieved another milestone as the Marketplace has switched to Polygon Network using the $PYR token. Along with the Marketplace news, Vulcan has improved the security with with 2FA authentication, a brand new referral system, and an upgraded user experience.  Vulcan Forged has come a long way to make the user experience …

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Vulcan Forged Reward Pool Exceeds $20 Million

Vulcan Forged Prize Pool

Lately, egamers have released a couple of articles about Vulcan Forged, and that’s not a coincidence. Vulcan ecosystem is building something unique that every gamer should dive into.  Today I would like to introduce you to the Vulcan Forged Rewards Pool, a pool that everyone can contribute to and get rewarded.  If you go through …

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How to Run a Store in VulcanVerse

how to run a store in VulcanVerse

We recently introduced you to the VulcanVerse MMORPG, an under-development game with profound lore based on Greek Mythology, set in a Greco-Roman environment. VulcanVerse will have extensive and deep gameplay, precisely what you would expect from an MMO with an open world. Talking about online games, imagine owning the assets earned by playing all these …

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Berserk Overview – TCG on Vulcan Forged

Berserk TCG Game

Today I’m playing Berserk, a new TCG on the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Currently, Berserk is available in an “early” version with multiplayer and AI matches.  As we would expect from a TCG, you start with a deck of 30 cards (provided by the game), and you battle in turns until one of you gets to …

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PYR Token Successfully Launches On Uniswap

PYR token launches on Uniswap

In Brief: PYR token is now trading on Uniswap. The token empowers the whole Vulcan Forged ecosystem. One of the lowest total supply tokens with only 50 million to ever exist. A few days ago, we introduced VulcanVerse, the flagship game of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, an incubator at its heart with a suite of …

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VulcanVerse: Decentralized MMORPG With NFT Land Ownership

Vulcanverse MMORPG NFT Crypto Game.

In Brief VulcanVerse is a Decentralized fantasy MMORPG & Virtual World. The game is powered by the Vulcan Forged platform, an incubator for other projects and a marketplace. PYR token launch will take place on Monday, 5 of April, on Uniswap. A few years ago, we all had a motto, “we need real games,” and …

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