Gala Games Receives Investment From Binance Smart Chain

Gala Games Binance

Gala Games has teamed up with Binance Smart Chain, and has received funding from the  Binance Smart Chain’s $100 million Accelerator Fund. Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga Inc, founded Gala Games two years back. He aimed to establish a platform that would enable the players to purchase and own any in-game item of their …

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Flare Network Acquires The Citadel of The Moon

Citadel of the moon in Mirandus

In Brief: Flare Network to integrate Gala ERC-20 Token & NFTs. Flare also bought the third Citadel of Mirandus MMORPG. NFTs on Flare Network will have a “buff” in Citadel of the Moon. Gala Games announced today on Medium the upcoming integration of the GALA ERC-20 token and the non-fungible tokens to avoid the bloat …

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GFTB: Gala Games Town Star & Mirandus With Jason Brink

Gala Games, Town Star & Mirandus With Jason Brink

In this “Games From The Block” podcast, George talks about Gala Games, Town Star & Mirandus With Jason Brink, CMO of Gala Games.  We talk about the future of Gala Games, Mirandus, and Town Star. Gala Games platform counts over 80,000 registered users, and while Town Star lacks tracking from major Dapp ranking platforms, it’s …

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This New MMORPG Sells 5 Citadels for $1.36 Million USD each.

This New MMORPG Sells 5 Citadels for .36 Million USD each.

In Brief: Gala Games present the second game of its Ecosystem, Mirandus. Mirandus is an MMORPG-based game with land ownership. Land deeds are extremely rare and the top ones are selling for over 1 Million USD. Gala Games announced the second game of the ecosystem, Mirandus, an open-world RPG with unheard opportunities and a 50% …

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Gala Games Making Moves With Splinterlands & Exchanges Listing

It’s been a while since Gala Games started making marketing moves, Eric Schiermeyer’s project is slowly taking off by getting listed in exchanges and teaming up with Splinterlands. Since the project started, it has rewarded over 12 million USD worth of Gala Rewards to the early adopters. As a reminder, to mine Gala tokens and …

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