DappStats Analytics Platform to Launch Today

The new DappStats website is about to launch today starting with TRON and ETH blockchain Dapps. DappStats in an ambitious project from Crypto Paradise that aims to provide valuable data and analytics for decentralized application in various blockchains.

By hiring a professional company for platform development, all of the roadmap targets were completed on time or even sooner. At launch, more than 1,100 Dapps will be available. DappStats is going to be the first platform that offers dividends, by sharing the platform earning, in multiple cryptocurrencies. The first dividend payout is going to take place on the 20th of September while by Q2 of 2020, holders of the DappStat token will collect dividends in TRON, ETH, EOS, IOST, ONT, and Zilliqa.

Along with the platform launch today, the DST token sale will open its gate to the public.

DappStats will use an unbiased and authentic Dapp rating system as well as a blog to review each dapp individually where users could share their opinions.

The CPR Token

The token sale was completed before even reaching the first price increase phase. Furthermore, since the token became available for trading its price went above the sale price. It is worth to mention that CPR is one of the few tokens on the TRON network that managed to completely sell out as well as that 90% of the DappStats development was completed by the time CPR token sale sold out.

CPR Holders Airdrop

The CPR holders airdrop is going to be available right after the launch of the platform and participants will receive 1:1 in DST tokens. To be eligible for the airdrop you must hold your tokens on a wallet that is compatible with Dapps. Some of the wallets that you can use are Tronlink, Tronwallet, GuildWallet, Banko, MathWallet, Tronpay.

When the airdrop is completed your tokens will be locked in your wallet until October 2019. Your wallet must interact with the website in order to freeze your tokens and earn dividends.

The Crypto Paradise.

DappStats is a project by Crypto Paradise which aims to become an ecosystem of various projects. The first phase in DappStats with many more to come in the near future.

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