Meltelbrot #13 – One doesn’t battle nude, so get equipped with CryptoFights! Talking freebies, airdrops, and gameplay with Adam, Head Developer.

Meltelbrot 13 One doesnt battle nude so get equipped with CryptoFights Talking freebies airdrops and gameplay with Adam Head Developer. Today, I’m chatting with Adam, Developer of CryptoFights. The last Meltelbrot CF article, was with community manager, Tonchu, so it’s great to hear another voice from the CryptoFights Team.

Today, I’m chatting with Adam, Developer of CryptoFights. The last Meltelbrot CF article, was with community manager, Tonchu, so it’s great to hear another voice from the CryptoFights Team.

Welcome Adam, let’s open the chest right away. The presale has been open awhile now, and I hear you’re nearing the next milestone reward of 2500. So off to a great start! I also heard 782 loot boxes were sold in the first 12 hours. Got to be happy with that. Can you give those who haven’t yet participated in the presale, an idea on what they’re missing out?

The first couple of hours when we launched the presale were amazing! We are so thankful to our supporters for their continuing support. If anyone has not participated in the presale, you are missing an opportunity to grab some really scarce weapons before the flood of people come in from the google play store. CryptoFights will be a real economy of items and not some vending machine that has unlimited supply of everything. So you will have to obtain weapons from someone inside the market. This is your opportunity to get first access on weapons and armor before anyone else does. Then you can command the price if you decide to sell at a later time.

When opening a loot chest you have a random chance to win anything from a common level item, all the way up to a legendary, that has some serious ENJ backing and very powerful item abilities. There are also many special tier items in loot chests such as the CryptoFights MFT, Early Adopter weapons, and two community designed weapons.

Also, when we hit 2500, the Obsidian Blade will be thrown in the chest for a chance to win.

These milestone weapons are a part of the additional gifts we give to anyone who purchases their first loot box. Purchasers will receive all past community milestone weapons, as well as future milestones we hit.

There are currently 8 community milestone weapons that are unlocked. So for new participants, to answer simply, for anyone purchasing their first chest, they will get 9 items (the item they pull from the chest + 8 community bonus weapons) and all future milestones we unlock (3 milestones remain).

Btw, here’s something many may not know yet, but for our first MFT airdrop. Holders of our CryptoFights MFT will be receiving a Founders Bundle, consisting of 2 Armor types, and 1 of each of the following: a Dagger, a Bow, a Shortsword, a Maul…and available for Founders first, a Shield!!!

Armor pics coming shortly as our blacksmiths are still tinkering away on them to make them something extra special 😉

Wow, that’s awesome and generous, heaps of reasons to get involved and join the CyptoFights battleground. Personally, you’ve brightened my day as I’ve now got your first airdrop to look forward to! Just a quick q about the boxes I bought, one of the items I opened was a common sword but had an EA tag to it. There’s talk that it’s different to a normal common sword. Can you shed some light on the difference?

Yes, those are the Early Adopter weapons and are a limited edition. Only 500 of each weapon type will be minted. This allows all the early supporters of CryptoFights to have a one of a kind weapon they can own to show they were one of the first players of the game.

What’s your favourite item so far? Or the one you’d be happiest to open?

Phobia or Deaths Embrace. One is a kickass weapon, one is kickass armor, both with some really cool abilities.

Continuing on the subject of items, you guys did a cool contest with Jigsaw, for an item called Jiggy’s toothpick. Will it be used in the game?

Jiggs toothpick is still happening, and every participant will get one when the presale closes. The toothpick will be a fully usable dagger in-game.

Every warrior needs a toothpick;) I love how you guys engage with your fans. I actually saw Sam, open about 30 chests on Twitch for Sir Torfred’s birthday. It was a nice celebration to be a part of. Do you see this kind of thing taking off, like people on YouTube unwrapping the latest toy?

I sure hope so. I can imagine people opening chests to try to get a cool weapon they can then go play CryptoFights with. That sounds like fun to get a random chance at a really good weapon. Kind of like a digital “unboxing” video!

I’ve seen closed Beta battles have been taking place in the backroom battleground. So peeps are actually now playing – I will too, once I finally get hold of my partner’s android! But initially, I noticed you were asking for types of phone and system performance. What are you looking for to find the perfect beta group to test CF?

We are looking for all types of phones to see what the performance metrics are for each type of device. So we welcome all kinds of devices for the closed beta. The initial wave will be focused on Android devices.

The closed beta is on the google play store, but isn’t available to the general public just yet. We will be opening it up to more testers over the next few weeks as we implement our own custom chain and add more features.

What items have been used in closed beta battles?

For the closed beta we have a set of practice weapons that each player can use so they can test the combat, match making, and stress test the servers. We are looking for any major bugs before moving into the open beta where we will open up more weapons.

Armour is a new item offered in the sale that hasn’t been offered previously, I don’t have any yet unfortunately. Obviously armour is important in any fight. How much of a disadvantage will it be to fight without armour?

Great question. Armor is a double edged sword. Armor is a strategic decision as the more protection it has the more of a penalty it has in other areas. So you have to strategically decide if your opponent will have a certain damage type or ability score to counter it.

For example, if you wear a plate armor you get bonuses to your defence against slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage BUT you have much less agility to dodge against an attack. So that means you are more likely to get hit more often. So does that mean you should have a higher vitality fighter? This is where it gets interesting trying to figure out how to equip your fighter for a match.

Can you give us a quick journey on how players have been battling so far?

Sure, our closed beta will be more of a test run as we are hiding some areas of the game and testing the core game play.

You will start with creating a new fighter. Here you will pick the race and gender of your fighter. Then you will have to decide on what ability scores you want such as Strength, Agility, and Vitality. Each point you allocate changes how your fighter fares in battle during certain circumstances.

You will then get to change colors, change the hair pattern, beards, etc… After you have a new fighter you will get to fight other players with our set of practice weapons.

There will not be any levelling up or gold wagering since we are going to open that up in the open beta. This will be to stress test to find any bugs with the network code and match making. The open beta will give players access to the good stuff such as levelling up, gold wagering on matches, buying from the store, etc…So we are excited to get to the open beta!

Options, options, options it sounds. Very cool, as customisation is what we all want these days I feel – tailored to an individual’s desire. Last question before I hand it over to the Enjin community. I couldn’t help but notice you guys aren’t attending GDC 2019 (Game Developers Conference) – why’s that?

Yeah, the team decided to pass on the convention in order to stay focused on development of the game. Since we have a closed beta already live, the team is working hard to keep adding features and polish to the actual game.

In order to attend, they would have had to pause development and shift focus over to making a custom build just for the convention that would need to be single player/offline. By passing on the convention, the team is free to continue pouring all of their efforts into developing the actual live game so that we can move to Open beta and get the full game out to players sooner.

That makes sense as you certainly are worth showcasing in my mind. Ok enough from me, the next lot of q’s come from a couple of interested Enjin community members.


Do you have any plans in the future to open the game up to more than 1v1 fights? For instance group fights, story mode, minigames etc…

We plan on having ranked mode and tournaments. Group fights and more are definitely a possibility in the future.

How long do you foresee it taking to level a character to maximum for a casual player using average weapons?

I cannot say how long for a casual player, but it will take a lot of matches to win. We do not intend to have it be easy to achieve the max rank as it will be a symbol of accomplishment on the level you are.

As you attain higher levels, it increases the weapons you unlock and the gold you have accumulated. This is more like the real world of gaining experience than a quick and lazy experience. Casual players will still have plenty to do with their nearby levels, but in order to achieve the highest levels will take some dedicated.

What are your plans for multiverse items integration?

We plan to incorporate as many as we can or are suitable for our style of game.

Will we be able to use Epichrome and Timeripper swords, Oinsdrasdain axe, or Multiverse Mike etc…in the game?

Most likely yes on all the weapons, not positive on multiverse mike yet.

Have you approached any other game developers to talk about the possibility of integrating any of CryptoFights weapons and armour in their games?

Yes, we have already talked with CIM and 9lives. I think all the game devs are focused on trying to get their game out and then adding in the weapons will become a focus later.


heya, questions for CF interview! What’s the vision for the ingame purchasing or store? For example, what kind of items will be purchasable instore?

The marketplace inside the game will have items that are listed for sale either directly by us or from other players. I don’t see many restrictions on what kinds of items will be in that marketplace.

Are all items purchasable with ingame currency, or would there be space for some items to be purchased with USD\ENJ, perhaps limited time offers etc?

We plan on having items sold outside of the game that would be using different payment types.


So one more question, any secret reveals?;)

Stay tuned for an exciting new trailer, and be sure to check our recently overhauled website at!

I love new trailers, can’t wait to see it!!

Well thanks again Adam, for taking the time to chat, and providing heaps of great insights into what CryptoFights is offering its gaming fans. If you’re into quality and functional gaming items, I feel your team is offering a super sweet presale package for anyone not involved yet. It’s time to get equipped warriors, can’t battle nude;) Well I don’t think so anyway. I’ll save that question for the next interview!

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