The Sandbox Hires Former PlayStation and Apple Executive to Boost Creator Economy

Nicola has a rich background having worked with many industry leaders.
The Sandbox Hires Former PlayStation and Apple Executive to Boost Creator Economy
Sébastien Borget COO (Right) and Nicola Sebastiani CCO (Left).

The Sandbox, a leading Voxel-style NFT gaming platform and an offshoot of Animoca Brands, announced the appointment of Nicola Sebastiani as its Chief Content Officer. With his rich experience from Ubisoft, Apple Arcade, and recently leading PlayStation’s mobile strategy, Sebastiani is set to propel The Sandbox’s creator economy.

Sebastiani’s Pivotal Role

At The Sandbox, Sebastiani’s primary role will involve collaborating with its vast global community, encompassing content creators, gaming studios, and brand affiliates. His vision is to churn out a myriad of content spanning various styles, from individual gameplay to collective community hubs. This will be augmented with reward structures and fresh game formats to keep audiences engaged. His duties will also encompass overseeing game publishing and internal production for over 650 partners, including top-notch brands from entertainment, music, lifestyle, and gaming sectors.

Focusing on No-Code Tools and Game Jams

Nicola plans to amplify the functionalities of Game Maker and VoxEdit, The Sandbox’s user-friendly creator tools. His strategy includes leveraging the success of The Sandbox’s Game Jam events, which synergize game designers and creative communities to produce innovative experiences for established brands.

A Few Words About Sebastiani’s Past

Before joining The Sandbox, Sebastiani had notable stints at PlayStation Studios and Apple. At PlayStation, he was instrumental in steering the mobile games division, and at Apple, he played a crucial role in the App Store’s games business development and Apple Arcade’s content management.

Sebastiani expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “The surge in user-generated content signifies a paradigm shift. The Sandbox is staunchly committed to empowering this new creator wave, making the process both fun and profitable.”

Additionally, Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, expressed his confidence in Sebastiani’s capabilities. He remarked, “Nicola’s unparalleled experience in pioneering new gaming formats will undoubtedly elevate our platform, fostering creativity across multifaceted domains.”

Additional Executive Announcements

In parallel with Sebastiani’s appointment, The Sandbox has ushered in a few executive changes. Mathieu Nouzareth moves up the ranks to become the Chief Business Officer, while Amit Kumar transitions to the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

In wrapping up, The Sandbox’s current executive revamp is poised to solidify its status as a leading virtual gaming platform.