WonderHero BNB Chain Bridge Hacked For 80M WND (750BNB)

WonderHero BNB Chain Bridging Compromised

Yesterday April 7th, WonderHero blockchain game published an important community update regarding a hack that occurred on WonderHero’s BNB Chain Bridge.

Apparently, the hackers managed to steal the signature and minted 80M $WND on BNB Chain and traded them via PancakeSwap for 750 BNB ($321,000), resulting in the price drop of $WND.

Actions were quickly taken as long as the hack was discovered, closing and suspending all services for users, disabling all WonderHero platform services, and trading on listed exchanges.

The company reassured that all users on Polygon are safe and an airdrop of the exact amount of $WND will be distributed according to the snapshot taken before block 16731166.

β€œIt is a regrettable incident, we will do everything we can to make WonderHero a fun and secure game for players. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their trust and continuous support, this has only steeled our resolve to deliver a great game that offers both value and fun to our players. Our community can rest assured that my team and I are fully committed to bringing WonderHero to greater heights.”

Ethan Ng, Co-founder & CEO WonderHero

The company also, stated what is going to happen after the incident in the list bellow:

  1. The team will be working round the clock to rectify the breach on our cross-chain bridge.
  2. Internal checks followed by a full audit will be conducted for the entire system to mitigate all threats and to prevent any future exploitation.
  3. A new contract for $WND will be created and the new $WND tokens will be airdropped to our token holders based on the snapshot prior to the attack , before block 16731166.
  4. WonderHero will compensate 100% to all liquidity providers of the WND-BNB LP pool prior to the attack.
  5. Once the above are completed, the new $WND liquidity pool will start for trading again. WonderHero website, marketplace, game and other services will resume.
  6. We will announce the timeline for recovery of services on a later date.
  7. A bug bounty program will be planned after the audit to better protect users..

Recently, another bridge hack took place, this time for Ronin Sidechain which resulted in loosed valued over half a billion USD. Web 3 is vulnerable to hacker attacks as the technology becomes more and more complex and with users expressing fears over staking and storing tokens on smart contracts.

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