Adidas and Bugatti Launch Exclusive Football Boots for Auction

Adidas and Bugatti Launch Exclusive Football Boots for Auction

Adidas has joined forces with luxury automaker Bugatti to introduce a new, exclusive football boot, the Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti. This special edition is set to ignite the football and fashion world, with only 99 pairs released globally. Designed with precision to offer maximum speed and distinctive style, these boots are a testament to both brands’ commitment to performance and exclusivity.

Engineering Meets Athleticism

The partnership celebrates the legacy of both brands, embedding the DNA of Bugatti’s hyper sports cars into adidas’s sporting gear. The boots are based on the X Crazyfast laced boot and include adidas’s Speedframe technology, designed to be as lightweight as possible while still providing a rigid plate for swift movements. A carbon fiber inlay and the semi-transparent mono-mesh material featuring a Bugatti Blue accent showcase the fusion of Bugatti’s aesthetic and adidas’s functionality.

Exclusive Acquisition Through Auction

In a novel approach to product release, the adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti boots will not be available in stores but will be auctioned off from November 8 to 11 on the adidas Collect Web 3 platform. This digital auction is open to international bidders and ensures a fair chance for all enthusiasts to own a pair. The digital auction system also offers a direct conversion for traditional currency to cryptocurrency, facilitating a seamless transaction process.

The design of the boots resonates with the ethos of both Bugatti and adidas. Phrases like “Impossible is Nothing” and “Create the Incomparable” are emblazoned on the side, encapsulating the spirit and philosophy that drive both companies. As a tribute to Ettore Bugatti, the boots also bear the insignia of the company’s founder, honoring his enduring legacy in automotive design.

Winners of the auction will receive a digital shoebox starting November 13, which can be redeemed for the physical pair of boots and a digital twin, adding a layer of modern collectible appeal. The boots come in a specially designed box that mirrors the carbon fiber patterns synonymous with Bugatti’s cars, emphasizing the synergy between speed, style, and strength.

Debut on the Field

Two of football’s leading talents, Rafael Leao and Karim Benzema, will showcase their boots on the pitch in November 2023, giving fans and players a first look at the collaboration in action.

Interested parties can visit for more information and participate in the auction through This unique collaboration ensures that the adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti boots will be a highlight in the collections of football fans and sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.