Adidas Collaborates with BAPE for a Special NFT Sneaker Release

Adidas Collaborates with BAPE for a Special NFT Sneaker Release

Adidas, the famous sports apparel company, has unveiled a collaboration with the celebrated Japanese brand, A Bathing Ape (BAPE). The partnership sees the release of a unique NFT ‘Fresh Forum’ pass, which, when unlocked, gifts its holder a pair of tangible sneakers and its digital counterpart.

This collaboration heralds BAPE’s 30th-anniversary celebration, bringing forth 100 exclusive pairs of the Fresh Forum sneakers. The unveiling will be facilitated through a 72-hour auction, accessible to all, starting at 4 pm CET on August 22. The bidding for each piece will start from a base of 0.3 ETH on the Adidas Collect website. A recent alliance with Moonpay ensures a smooth participation process for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency transactions.

Additional Perks for Previous NFT Holders

BAPE and Adidas have a special offer for past holders of their SOLES ALT[ER] EGO and (B)APETAVERSE NFTs. These individuals will receive a 10% increase in their bidding capacity. After the acquisition, these assets are fully transferable, allowing owners to trade as they see fit.

Key Dates for Adidas-BAPE Enthusiasts

The primary auction phase for the Fresh Forum access pass stretches from August 22 to August 25. Post this sale. Holders need to be attentive to the redemption dates. They can claim their unique sneaker and its digital version starting September 26. Come October, Adidas promises to deliver the physical sneakers to successful bidders globally.

In conclusion, the Adidas and BAPE collaboration promises a blend of tradition and technology. With a physical sneaker that boasts its digital doppelganger, the fusion of fashion and tech takes a significant leap forward. Gear up and mark your calendars for this monumental fashion-tech event.