Andreessen Horowitz Announces GAMES FUND ONE – A $600M Fund 


Andreessen Horowitz is looking to invest more than $600M across the blockchain gaming industry to expand its reach into the newly emerging industry. To make it feasible, they’ve announced GAMES FUND ONE. 

GAMES FUND ONE is a16z’s inaugural fund dedicated to promoting and building future blockchain games. 

According to a16z, games will play a vital role in perceiving the everyday world and socializing. 

“Games will continue to play a pivotal role in how people socialize, play, and work in the future, and the fund will invest in game studios, game and customer experiences, and infrastructure.” 

  • A16z

“Over the past decade, games have undergone a radical transformation, from simply being packaged entertainment to becoming online services that more closely resemble social networks and scale-like consumer technology companies,” a16z stated.

Andreessen Horowitz has been dominating the blockchain gaming industry for a while now. As of last year, the overall gaming industry has generated more than $300B, and the blockchain gaming studio has taken a big chunk from that. 

Now, they are looking to expand their reach by investing more and more into blockchain games startups. The statements mentioned above from a16z indicated that big companies believe in blockchain gaming and its future. 

Andreessen Horowitz and a16z aren’t the only big fish for investing in the future of gaming. 

Along with Andreessen Horowitz, these are the big names that are joining the fund:

  • Mike Morhaime – Co-Founder of Blizzard
  • Kevin Lin – Co-Founder of Twitch
  • Riccardo Zacconi – Founder of Kind
  • Jason Citron – Founder of Discord
  • Aleks Larsen and Jeffrey Zirlin – Co-Founders of Sky Mavis
  • Mark Pincus – Founder of Zynga
  • David Baszucki – Founder of Roblox
  • Marc Merrill – Co-Founder of Riot Games