Animoca Brands and CyberConnect to Build a Decentralized Social Layer for Mocaverse

Animoca Brands and CyberConnect to Build a Decentralized Social Layer for Mocaverse

Animoca Brands, a well-known figure in digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse, has announced a strategic alliance with CyberConnect, the premier Web3 social network. This partnership introduces a decentralized social dimension to Mocaverse, the Animoca Brands’ NFT ecosystem.

CyberAccount at the Helm

Under this agreement, CyberConnect’s CyberAccount, an advanced smart account system, will form the backbone of Mocaverse’s identity layer. This will grant entities within the Animoca Brands sphere the tools to craft their social graphs, enhancing interoperability across various games, products, and services.

Boosted by CyberConnect’s recent V3 upgrade, featuring the pioneering ERC-4337-enabled CyberAccount, the duo decided to enhance their collaborative ventures. Since its debut on 26 July 2023, CyberAccount has firmly established its dominion in ERC-4337 account abstraction, accounting for over 90% of all smart account creations.

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Reimagining the Web3 Social Model

Both entities aim to create a new industry standard with this innovative Web3 social platform. The primary objective is to instigate a shift in consumer product and application development, empowering users to transition across their preferred platforms without network re-establishment seamlessly.

The inherent design of ERC-4337 smart accounts simplifies the intricacies tied to cryptocurrency wallets, streamlining user integration akin to Web2. Consequently, applications resting on the foundation of CyberAccount provide users with a streamlined entryway to an array of games and services, all under the banner of Animoca Brands.

The Super Account Advantage

Current market solutions, such as MetaMask, although providing a platform for developers to reach a crypto-savvy audience, falter in delivering tailored user experiences. However, CyberAccount, when coupled with an integrated social graph, arms developers with the tools needed to expedite product launches and capture new user demographics. Animoca Brands foresees a boost in adoption with this innovative ‘super account’ strategy, offering developers an unparalleled onboarding solution.

In subsequent months, Animoca Brands will introduce CyberAccount support across Mocaverse, facilitating users to integrate their diverse networks into their beloved platforms seamlessly.