à table! Pre-Sale is Live

A new, yummy blockchain game from EverdreamSoft called à table! aims to offer a whole new and different gaming experience to blockchain players.

In à table! gamers are able to acquire Yummies, the in-game champions to explore a fascinating world made of food and bake delicious recipes with rare, and crazy ingredients.

àtable! is the French equivalent of “Come eat!”.This browser-based exploration game combines two of everyone’s favourites – animals and food!

The game is built upon Ethereum blockchain, in order to play and fully take advantage of all the in-game aspects, players must have some ETH in the metamask, or Casa Tookan wallet.

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Do you have what it takes to be the best cook across the Yummy Islands?

à table! offers 3 Yummy races served by the BitCrystal platform to choose from for the pre-sale. Each Yummy will have individual stats and can be used for cooking recipes, breeding, or even joining exciting adventures full of taste! After all, Yummies are made of food, they are meant to be in the kitchen. Worth to mention that Yummies come in generations, those offered in the pre-sale, as expected, are generation 0.

Join The Presale

Yummies available in the pre-sale.


The barbecue lover of à table! is Unicorn! This party veteran Yummy is all about carnivals filled with cotton candy, extra hazelnut croissants, and colorful pasta. If you ever dreamed of a unicorn as a child, this is your chance to get one.


Have you ever seen a bunny eating ice cream? Well, in à table! sweet candies and mountain tea is what a bunny would want to! With a great taste of gastronomic cuisine and simple dishes, this Bunny is the friend you always wanted.


Enough with gourmet dishes and croissants. Salamander is an exotic cocktail! You heard that right! this champion loves to chill in the sunny beaches of Yummy islands with delicious fruits, intoxicating spices, and pearlescent shells.

The Yummy-mix

The Yummy-mix is a pre-order blockchain system that will record each buyer’s wallet address, the race and number of the ordered Yummy and the redeemable date. During the presale, every time a Yummy-mix is sold, the price of all subsequent ones will increase slightly. This means that early purchasers will get Yummy-mix at its lowest price! The other advantage for early purchasers is that by buying Yummy-mix during the presale, any resulting Yummies will have the chance to have very rare Gourmet body parts.

In addition, à table! will release their marketplace within early 2019 and gamers will be able to breed their Yummies to create new ones and sell them while exploring their cooking abilities.

What are you waiting for? Register for the Pre-Sale and let your imagination thrive!

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