Axie Infinity Prepares For Massive In-Game Event – AxieCon

Axie Infinity Prepares For Massive In-Game Event - AxieCon

Despite the downtrend in the crypto market, blockchain games are pushing and continuously building themselves. This time, Axie Infinity is announcing event after event and more opportunities for the players to earn rewards.

Axie Infinity team is currently busy in Barcelona, Spain, for their first-ever massive community meetup, AxieCon. 

Surprisingly, their biggest player base is in the Philipines, having around 40% of the accounts from the South Asian nation.

During AxieCon, they announced that the SkyMavis team is ready for a massive in-game event coming at the end of the year. The team made this announcement via a slide presentation, and according to the slides, the game will feature breeding events and different contests and missions for the players throughout the event.

For example, the game will host a breeding event that lets you breed a specific type of Axie, or you may win against a specific Axie class or type in PvP mode. This way, players can win points that they can then use for unlocking milestone rewards.

On top of their milestone items, the leaderboard will allow the players to win more rewards in the upcoming massive events. This system will follow the battle pass style, followed by many online games such as Dota 2.