Axie Infinity: Raylights Is Live!

One of the most famous P2E games, Axie Infinity, released its first-ever land mini-game! The mini-game is called Raylights and is available for all current holders of land.

Within the mini-game, landowners cultivate their lands, grow planssow minerals, and unlock new ingredientsrecipes, and aesthetics as they progress.

The Raylights experience was officially announced at AxieCon, developed in association with Quicksave Interactive – a Finnish team of experienced game developers. Additionally, Axie Infinity stated that this mini-game represents how Axie NFTs unlock new experiences and bring lots of utility to their holders.

Raylights Gameplay

The gameplay of the Raylights experience is centered around sowing minerals beneath the land, unlocking many recipes and plants. Experiment with diverse combinations, unlock layers to sow minerals, and be the first to complete the Archive of Raylights.

Axie Infinity: Raylights Gameplay Tutorial

There will also be two concurrent launch competitions on October 14th at 11:30 PM EST, where the submission ends. 

Most Plants Unlocked: Players must unlock as many plants as possible! 

To submit, post a picture of your plot on Twitter with the hashtag #RaylightsUnlock. The winner will also be confirmed programmatically through the backend.

  1. First: MakerDAO Bronze land item
  2. Second: Kyber Network land item
  3. Third: Kyber Network land item

Most Aesthetic and Creative Plot: Showcase your plots with the most aesthetic and creative ones to be judged by AxieArtGallery and the Sky Mavis team.

To submit, post a picture of your plot on Twitter with the hashtag #RaylightsAesthetic.

  1. First: Tanuki land item
  2. Second: Coingecko land Item
  3. Third: Coingecko land item

Learn more information about Raylights here.

Play Raylights with just one click here.