Axie Infinity Unveils A New Tournament Format: Season 5 Buy-In Brawl

Axie Infinity Unveils A New Tournament Format: Season 5 Buy-In Brawl

In a pioneering move, Axie Infinity has announced its first-ever buy-in Origins tournament, scheduled to start on July 15. The event aims to ignite competitive play, add a fresh source of utility for AXS tokens, and collect valuable data for game balancing.

Details of the Tournament

Axie Infinity’s innovative new format will provide a total of 512 slots for participants. Out of these, 200 free-entry tickets have been allocated to the top Season 4 players, with the remaining 312 slots open for buy-in at the cost of 1 AXS token.

Registrations are expected to fill quickly due to the first-come-first-serve policy. To reserve a slot, participants can submit a support ticket and receive detailed instructions. Tournament buy-in link.

The two-day brawl, divided into distinct stages of competition using different era runes and charms, will kick off on July 15 at 8 PM GMT+7 VN Time. The competition will reach its climax on July 16, when the final eight will be live-streamed on Twitch.

Prize Distribution

The Axie team promises to match the prize pool, which is derived from the buy-in funds, thus enhancing the potential winnings. The top eight competitors will share the total prize pool, with 10% of it being donated to the Axie Community Treasury.

The winner stands to gain 40% of the total prize pool, with subsequent runners-up receiving 20%, 11%, and 7%, respectively. Competitors placing fifth to eighth will each receive 3% of the prize pool.

A Step Forward for Competitive Play

Axie Infinity’s new tournament format represents a significant step forward in the competitive play scene. It introduces an exciting opportunity for aspiring Lunacian arena champions to test their mettle in the face of stiff competition. This format will also give Axie’s balance team a chance to gain an early understanding of the meta before the season begins.

No balancing changes will be made until after the tournament concludes, and card bans will only be imposed for game-breaking bugs. With this new initiative, Axie Infinity continues to pioneer in the domain of blockchain gaming, fostering a vibrant and competitive community.