Axie Infinity Unveils Exciting Upgrades and Promotions for Starter Axies

The creators of the blockchain-based game, Axie Infinity, have recently announced the introduction of an enhanced promotion feature for their Starter Axies. Players will now have the opportunity to improve their Starter Axies, unlock new skills and artwork, and contribute to an overall richer gaming experience.

Starting immediately, players can utilize Class Badges and Honor Medals, achieved through Daily and Weekly Missions or discovered in the Mystery Box, to promote their Starter Axies. This promotion will unlock enhanced abilities and new artwork. Importantly, the health points (HP) of these axies have been increased from 320 to 350, providing a more robust gaming experience.

In a specific example provided by Axie Infinity, enhancing the Nut Cracker card for the axie named Tripp will result in new abilities and an additional HP boost. Alongside these upgrades, Starter Axies will now be accompanied by a set of starter Runes and Charms.

The introduction of these features aligns with Axie Infinity’s plan to improve the new user experience and facilitate smoother onboarding into the Axie universe. Moreover, this new system offers a glimpse into the potential future of progression systems for NFT Axies, giving valuable feedback to the company.

There are ongoing discussions in the community about the implications of Starter Axie promotions and their relationship with Axie Core and NFT Axie progression. The Axie Infinity team believes that through the introduction and observation of this new feature, they will gain a better understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of NFT Axie progression. This knowledge could potentially enhance experiences such as Origins, Homeland, and the burgeoning universe of games being developed within the Axie Infinity platform.