Axie Olympics: Six Days, Six Contests, Grand Prizes Await!

Axie Olympics: Six Days, Six Contests, Grand Prizes Await!

The first-ever Axie Olympics: Grand Summer Showdown has been unveiled, allowing players to participate in a series of six contests over six days to win a share of the 3,000 AXS prize pool and exclusive cosmetic rewards.

The Grand Olympics of Lunacia

Axie Infinity is all set to keep its community engaged with a thrilling six-day event – the Axie Olympics. Participants have the unique choice of selecting which contests they want to dive into. Whether they’re more adept with Beast Axies or have a knack for aquatic battles, there’s something for every Axie enthusiast. Read more details here.

In these Olympics, each day brings a fresh contest and challenge:

  1. Olek’s Obstacle Odyssey: Focusing on Plant Axies, win Arena Battles with a Shiny Plant axie to score big. (!)
  2. Buba’s Bash N’ Brawl: Beast Axies are the stars here, where victories with 3 Summer Beast Axies can net participants a whopping 1000 points. (!)
  3. Puffy’s Paddle Pool Party: It’s all about the Aquatic Axies, and breeding with at least one Aqua Axie can secure participants a cool 200 points. (!)
  4. Venoki’s Vortex Volley: Reptile Axies are in the limelight, and winning Arena Battles with a Shiny Reptile Axie brings 50 points. (!)
  5. Pomodoro’s Peculiar Pickleball: Bug Axies take center stage. Releasing a Bug Axie into the wild can provide up to 200 points. (!)
  6. Momo’s Marvelous Mayhem: Bird Axies soar in this challenge where winning with a Shiny Bird Axie in the Arena can fetch up to 1,000 points. (!)

Anticipation Builds for the Seventh Day

While the details remain under wraps, participants are assured of a special surprise on the seventh day. The organizers remain tight-lipped, urging competitors to stay alert and prepared for what’s to come.

As the Olympics commences, participants are encouraged to put their best foot – or wing, fin, or claw – forward. This event promises exciting challenges and the chance to be recognized as the best in Lunacia. So, gear up, compete fiercely, and may the best Axie trainers win!