Join the Brave Frontier Heroes & Tournament

bfh tournament

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you are staying home and safe these strange times. Together we can overcome everything.

On Saturday 2/5/2020 at 15:00 UTC we will be hosting a tournament in Brave Frontier Heroes, the successful RPG blockchain game with champions from the BF series.

The first two winners will be awarded with Rare and Uncommon BFH NFTs.

To join please fill this form:

If you don’t have a BFH account, get one here.

You can talk with other BFH players and address your questions to the tournament channel in BFH discord server.

Poz will stream the tournament from Dlive.

Brave Frontier Heroes combines the IP and creative of the original BRAVE FRONTIER game that counts over 38 Million downloads with the proven successful system and economy of MyCryptoHeroes.

While you can acquire champions from the market, the game itself is free to play, and anyone can start a fantastic journey in this incredible and highly strategical fantasy world.

If you need to contact us directly reach out to Poz (@Poz67) or Johnny (@JohnnyOokami) in telegram.

Read more about BFH.

Join the tournament.