Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance NFT Marketplace

One of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, Binance, announced its own NFT marketplace’s upcoming launch. The release will take place somewhere in June 2021, with one-of-a-kind offerings and exclusive collaborations.

Binance NFT marketplace aims to become the go-to place for digital artists, blockchain games, musicians, sports athletes, and celebrities. 

Binance NFT will be part of the whole Binance ecosystem, and users can sign in using the same account.

By leveraging the Binance Smart Chain, Binance NFT aims to become a digital assets trading platform that will provide the best minting, buying, and exchanging experience.

The marketplace will go live with two main venues, a Premium Event category for the most sought-after collaborations and a Trading Market where everyone can create NFTs at low cost. 

With the launch, a series of events will occur, including exhibitions and global auctions featuring top artists and on-demand content available only on Binance NFT.

About The Binance Smart Chain 

Binance Smart Chain is an independent blockchain running parallel to the Binance chain. BSC is EVM-compatible, meaning that it can support tools and Dapps from and to the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Developers can easily port their projects over from Ethereum, and users can configure their ETH applications like Metamask to work with the BSC.

BSC has recently overtaken Ethereum in usage, mainly because of the Ethereum Gas fees.

The controversial platform has sparked several discussions regarding its decentralization and the similarities to the Ethereum platform.