Binance Sensei: Binance Adds ChatGPT to its Learning Platform

Meet Binance Sensei!
Binance Sensei: Binance Adds ChatGPT to its Learning Platform

Binance, the famous crypto exchange, just added ChatGPT to its learning platform, Binance Academy. This place teaches Web3 enthusiasts everything they need to know about crypto, web3, and blockchain. And guess what? It’s open to everyone, not just Binance users.

What is Binance Sensei?

Thanks to OpenAI’s fancy tech, Binance created a super-smart AI chatbot called “Binance Sensei.” This little genius knows a ton about more than a thousand courses and articles from Binance Academy and other top-notch sources. Plus, it has a glossary on hand to help newbies with all those tricky blockchain terms.

Using Binance Sensei is a piece of cake. It helps users find what they’re looking for in a snap, and all they have to do is type a few keywords or questions into the chat. This makes learning about complex topics a lot more fun and interactive.

Good news, Binance Sensei is already up and running on the Binance Academy platform. For now, it only speaks English, but don’t worry – more languages are coming soon. So, stay tuned for updates!