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Blockchain Legacy Article – 1 – BLA1

This is the first ERC1155 NFT that I’ll cover because it was the first from the Spitfire wallet, a very cool and nice member of the community who, when I asked, ‘What was your first Blockchain Legacy NFT?’ answered – ‘Hey, It’s about damn time’ – that’s how BLA (Blockchain Legacy Articles) all started. I said, ‘ yeah, cool, let’s go with a box mining article, he’s got a few to talk about. Thanks, mate nice to get a nudge.’

And another nudge, someone who shares this article will win one of the first community ERC1155. Be seen 🙂

‘It’s about damn time seems to be on the cards. Environmental extremes, inflation, interest rates, low vacancy rates, and mental health is on the rise. And that’s just outside the crypto world, now, the established regulators are catching up and finally seeing what corporations behind the coins are doing, and they are potentially trading insolvent. I doubt Enjin is. There’s a regulatory winter in the crypto world, so it is best to be involved with protocols of utility.

I originally thought after seeing something like bitcoin as a picture, it created collectability. Soon as ERC721 was developed, it proved the collectible blockchain market could be created. CryptoKitties are always going to be desirable, they were the first of ERC721 that got recognition. At this point, we need to recognize Witek Radomski, a core contributor to ERC721. But for Enjin, as an established decade-plus gaming enterprise based in Singapore, created on the shores of Australia over a pizza, as legend has it, Witek knew a better protocol was warranted. Something that allowed one-off and batching, and after some tinkering and a little ETH warchest of late 2017, they created ERC1155. Now an official protocol of Ethereum into perpetuity, probably the chain of the future due to its market breadth and globally established network.

So like CryptoKitties being the first ERC721? Where is the first ERC1155?

I have a good idea, but we need to go back a little bit, and as Spitfire said, ‘It’s about damn time:

Insert link and image

I would have put the real image there if it was quick, but I couldn’t, so just click and see. One problem of not letting things be open source is creativity stops, or creativity is damned, but in the end, unnecessary barriers occur. If I could have just easily saved that file onscreen and uploaded it, the image would be on the page. Who cares if it is stolen as an image? When do you have the smart contract NFT for its use and original ownership? I digress 😉

The best thing about the blockchain legacy collection is that you see the creations of many, and many who have created a legacy to go beyond their initial creation. But like everything, one thing ties anything together.

So the first Blockchain Legacy Item to dive into is the Blockmining 2019 mint. Lez do this. It’s about damn time. For maybe the 3rd time?

As described in its description, ‘It’s about damn time it was a take on the hype in 2019 about more use cases for blockchain NFT. People were getting excited about what they could see and own on the public enough global blockchain. For all those at the start of the initial NFT understanding of true online interoperability, what the pioneer devs created was in high demand, both art and games. In the end, true ownership of a globally used asset is what we all need, without boundaries in a use case or feasibility.

Back to the basics (Data from

Fungible Token

Created: 20 March 2019, 20:10:59

Current Supply: 3990

Melts: 254 (now 255 – melts occur whenever someone wants the coin behind it)

Hodlers: 2500

No Transfer or Melt fee

From my perspective, Boxmining has been a big supporter of Enjin, although, with so many things to support these days, it’s hard to remain mining in the same area. Tbh his coverage of Covid in its first outbreak was an amazing tangent and a great use of energy. Who really knew what was coming in those early days of his reports?

Being an early enjin supporter, Michael has created many Enjin NFTs. His catalog was always a part of the early Enjin Beam NFT Giveaways, which the 2019 – It’s about damn time – is one of. He also lent his name to, where he utilized the use case of an NFT Auction to allow members to bid for access to a VIP telegram channel. But his earliest NFT piece (I’m aware of) harks back to pirating days.

boxmining MELTELTBROT - BLA!
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Pirate Boxmining

Yarrrrrr! This token is forged on Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday.

But why be the rum gone?

Created: 9 April 2018 03:36:48

Current Supply: 49

Melts: 0

Hodlers: 49

No Transfer or Melt fee

Michael is now a leading authority in blockchain commentary, lending his name and knowledge to many projects.

Longevity for a collectible?

For me, that’s an important reason why anything in the Blockchain Legacy catalog is worthy of writing about. The first thing is respect with no melts, but with the data stored on Enjin’s Servers, respect has a greater chance of survival compared to indie servers in the short to mid-term. Enjin isn’t some upstart but an established business in the indie gaming world feeling its feet in a much bigger ocean. With a name and presence like boxmining it has easier provenance to ascertain, so definitely one to keep. Michael knew the idea of such an NFT was cool, there were limited things like it in the early days.

Like any NFT, try and get the earlier numbering. All true NFTs are numbered easily, so you can clearly see what number of mints you own or want to buy. The closer to 1 you are, the higher the price in most circumstances. ERC-1155 allows more than 1 of 1. It allows 1 of infinity. Which has more value?

My other favorite Boxmining NFT is:

Why? Cos, if you ain’t dancing, why are you walking 😉

Okay, that’s the melt on one of many Enjin Blockchain Legacy NFTs.

Being the first ERC1155 available to the public to mint, driven by the CTO of Enjin Witek Radomski to see an easier protocol for NFT use case compared to ERC721, it’s worth the scroll down memory lane to see where it all started and where the early NFT Minting Pioneers of ERC1155 are now to ask them why they minted when they did. Now’s F’ing Time 😉

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