Blankos Suspends Access to Russian Players

Blankos Block Access to Russian Gamers

This is a sensitive topic, so I will be speaking on my behalf, everything you read in this article express my own views and only.

The unprovoked and unjustified war on Ukraine by the oligarch and dictator Putin aims to bring back the glory of the Soviet Union, which brought death and disaster to the world. The Russian government continues lying to the whole world, claiming the denazification of Ukraine. Still, the truth is, Putin and his comrades are acting the same way with the fascist Germany of World War 2.

With an ever-growing list of companies blocking access to the Russian country, Blankos Block Party takes a stand and terminates the access for the Russian citizens.

The same sanctions have been applied by Opensea and Metamask.

Everyone is free to have his own opinion, and whether Blankos move is good or not, you are the ones to judge it.

The goal of the sanctions and the departure of companies from Russia has a straightforward plan, to make the citizens of Russia start a revolution and coup the dictatorship government. Because, you know, you say good morning, they say nukes.

After all, with a madman threatening the whole world with nukes, only the people of Russia can dethrone him.

The past week, we have been in discussion with multiple friends and partners in Ukraine who are fighting with Molotov cocktails against tanks and heavily equipped teenagers who were lied to by their military officials.

I feel sad for the Russian citizens, but I feel even worse for my friends fighting a war they can’t win. I don’t care about Politics, nor about USA, NATO and EU, all I care is that there is a war against an independent country, violating human rights and international law, children are dying!

I stand with peace and justice.

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