League of Legends and DOTA-inspired Web3 MOBA Evermoon announced that

Blockchain-Based MOBA Evermoon Launches on Mobile Devices

League of Legends and DOTA-inspired Web3 MOBA Evermoon announced that “Evermoon Alpha” is now available on all iOS and Android devices (Mobile).

Evermoon previously delayed its official Alpha launch, set on November 28. The P2E MOBA apologized for the delay, as the game had many bugs and needed resolving.

As per the report, players can now download the game using the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and receive some free NFTs in order to play the game.

If you need to learn what a MOBA game is, let me explain it to you. A MOBA game is when players join a 5v5 matchup and try to destroy the enemy towers, eventually reaching the base and destroying it. Kills reward you with GOLD which you later exchange for items that make you more powerful than your competitors.

Of course, Evermoon is a strategy game with three lanes, similar to League of Legends. Personally, I’m a huge fan of MOBA games as I have many years of experience in LoL, and Paladins.

Although it is a MOBA, it has numerous differences from the famous AAA games. For example, an important part of Evermoon is that characters are NFTs. They are called Heroes and are divided into six categories, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Assassin, Support, and Marksman. Do you see the resemblance here?

Do you want to learn more about Evermoon and its elements? Then, click here to proceed to the Medium article by the world’s first P2E MOBA game.