Play Blockchain Cuties using Ethereum, EOS, TRON and soon NEO Blockchain. One of the first Multi-Blockchain Games available.


Send your Cuties to battle and let them come back with rewards! Blockchain Cuties is a great way to start playing Blockchain Games!


The Major Update includes land ownership and epic battles as well as clans and a number of profit opportunities!

About Blockchain Cuties

Cats, Lizards & Monsters live together in the Blockchain Cuties Universe! But mark our words, it's not peaceful at all! Get your own Cutie and fight your opponents in battles, send them into adventures or raid some bosses!
You can equip items on your Cuties and use potions for various situations. If you own 2 Cuties, you can breed them and have another one. Following this tactic, you can build an army of Cuties to serve you and later sell in the market!
In Blockchain Cuties you can also craft items with the materials your Cuties bring back from adventures.

Land Introduces a New Gameplay

The highly anticipated LAND Update in blockchain cuties will change the whole gameplay of the game into a concept similar to Civilizations (Civ5) and Total War.
BC (Blockchain Cuties) will introduce buildings, nations and a dozen of strategic elements to sell, trade and interact with. Moreover there will be clan wars and competing for a leaderboard spot will become more difficult as new players will join the game.
Blockchain Cuties is one of the most active in development games since 2018 and they are holding regular events and podcasts for the community.

Try the game for free with a starter Cutie, or buy your own for less than a dollar. Get 2 Cuties and start breeding immediatly!

LAND Presale is Live

While waiting for the Land update to completely change the gameplay. You have the opportunity to buy in-game items such as Land & Special Cuties to become an early adopter!


Blockchain Cuties has its own decentralized ERC20 Token called "Cute Coin". It serves an the in-game cryptocurrency and can be traded across any marketplace that supports Ethereum Tokens as well as the popular exchange, HitBTC.

With steady and meaningful development, Blockchain Cuties is one of the best crypto-collectible games available to play now days!
The low entry fee makes it ideal for any casual and hardcore gamer who would like to invest small and earn big.
Make sure you visit the Pawedcast where Tehn, the community manager holds every week!