Blockchain Gaming Digest Feb. 15-21/2021

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest Feb. 15-21/2021!

This week, Upland is the most played blockchain game with more than 23,400 active players. Alien Worlds comes next with more than 15,500 while Splinterlands follows with 8,300 players.. 

Sorare is the first game when it comes to volume, counting more than 901 ETH in balance, which is approximately $1,819,520.

Now, let’s have a look at our latest Blockchain Gaming Digest.

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Blockchain Gaming Digest Feb. 15-21/2021 29

DCLBlogger, a known figure in the NFT space predicted that there will be a $100M Art drop in 2021. We say why not?

AlterVerse: Disruption is Now on STEAM™

The Enjin Multiverse blockchain game AlterVerse is now available on the Steam platform! The game features in-game NFT’s, Tokenized private servers, Private Rooms, and various gameplays. 

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Spiderman NFT Sold For 12.75 ETH by Marvel Comic Artists

NFT mass adoption comes one step closer as several Marvel artists announced 25 NFTs to the Platform. Comics artist Adam Kubert already sold for $25,000 a Spiderman art Ethereum based NFT. 

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Lucid Sight acquires Colyseus open-source multiplayer game engine

The Blockchain Gaming studio, Lucid Sight, known for MLB Champion, Crypto Space Commander, and the yet unpublished Cryptic Conjure, has acquired the open-source multiplayer engine Colyseus for an undisclosed price. The open-source engine boasts millions of active users.

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F1 Delta Time Coming to Polygon

Due to the problems that Ethereum is facing with high transaction fees and the time processing transactions, Animoca brands announced that F1 Delta Time will now utilize the Polygon chain. (previously called Matic Network). 

Users who hold a sum of REVV on the Ethereum blockchain will use a bridge to transfer that same amount of REVV to Polygon. Players can also bridge in-game NFT’s between Polygon and Ethereum. As a result, you can mint an NFT on the Polygon and sell it on the Ethereum.

By cooperating with Polygon, Animoca Brands aims to transform the gameplay and the reward system in favor of players.

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1 Million USD in The Next F1 Delta Time Staking Pool

On Monday 22nd, F1 Delta Time will launch the 2nd Staking round for 

F1 Delta Time 2019 cars. The staking pool will contain 10,000,000 REVV Tokens, approximately $1,000,000 at the time of writing.

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The Sandbox

 LAND Sale Wave 2

The Sandbox announced the second wave of the public LAND sale coming on February 25th at 1 PM UTC, featuring Pranksy, Metapurse & Yield Guild Games.

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The Sandbox & Coincheck

In a move toward greater mass adoption, the number one Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck has acquired many LAND parcels in The Sandbox Metaverse and aims to bring LAND NFT’s to Japanese gamers.

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NBA Top Shot Marketplace is Booming

According to accurate metrics from Dapp Radar, NBA Top Shot has become the largest NFT market by sales. In its whole existence, the game has generated over $50M in total, surpassing CryptoKitties and Decentraland.

Atari and Chain Games Partnership

Atari and Chain Games Partnership will integrate the Atari token into the Chain Games ecosystem. Additionally, Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais will serve as an advisor for Chain Games. Both parties have swapped tokens for the equivalent of $200,000, subject to a 6-month lockup.

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War of Crypta Coming Closer to Android Devices

After successfully launching a beta version for iOs devices, the Enjin based mobile game War of Crypta is coming closer to an Android version release. Check out a sneak peek of the new arena designed for the new platform.

Immutable And War Riders

The popular driving MMO blockchain-based game War Riders announced the migration over to the Immutable X. Based on Ethereum, War Riders suffers from the ever-growing GAS Fees and this development was long expected.

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Crazy King & Crazy Defense Heroes To Add In-Game Tokens

Animoca Brands is going to introduce a new fungible crypto token for CK and CDH that will have various utility for the entire Crazy Kings franchise and will pave the way for a new blockchain game.

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Splinterlands Completes NFT Bridge to the WAX Blockchain

As of February 19th, Splinterlands items including individual cards, tokenized Booster Packs, and claims to plots of land in the upcoming Splinterlands Land Expansion can be traded on WAX.

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