Blockchain Gaming Digest 4 – 10 May

Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest. As always many news occurred this week as the crypto games community is expanding every day. From the blockchain integration for WordPress & Minecraft server to the Enjin SDK for Godot. Let’s take a look at this week’s blockchain gaming news.

Hunters of Rio Integrates NFTs to WordPress & Minecraft

Hunters of Rio achieved a huge milestone as they integrated their services in Minecraft and WordPress. The WordPress plugin allows users to buy assets and receive them straight to their Enjin wallet, while on the Minecraft server they integrated NFT’s in one of the most popular games in the world. Furthermore, the WordPress Plugin can be used by any third party.

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Try Kingdom Karnage Beta & Get Card Pack Rewards

Kingdom Karnage closed beta release

The multiverse game Kingdom Karnage opened its gates for everyone! Players that will participate in the Enjin version of the game can claim Enjin backed NFT’s just by completing beta missions!

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Enjin Releases SDK for Godot

Enjin releases SDK for Godot

The SDK for Godot is out and developers can give value to their games by integrating blockchain items (NFTs) into games without any blockchain coding experience.

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LOOM Network abandons Games in Favor of Healthcare and Travel Industry

Loom network turns direction

Is this the end of the LOOM network? Loom Network was recently proclaimed dead by Bruno Skvorc on Twitter while their official statement is that they are going to focus on Healthcare and Travel industries. At the same time, Basechain (LOOM’s sidechain) will continue to support all kinds of DApps.

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Reality Gaming Group presents the DAT platform: create and sell digital goods

The DAT platform allows developers to create and sell digital goods

Digital Asset Trading (DAT) is an open-source blockchain toolkit that allows Developers and Game creators to produce limited edition NFTs based on their IP.

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IOTA’s New Decentralized Social Media Project

society2 iota
IOTA social media

SOCIETY2 is a project build with the IOTA blockchain that aims to create a platform for social media Dapps. Their main purpose is to give back to users the control of their personal information

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Dark Country dropped $70k worth of NFT’s across all WAX blockchain accounts

461 494 items of the TCG blockchain game Dark Country landed across all existing WAX blockchain accounts. With this move, many people discovered blockchain gaming items in their wallets and started to look out for further information. Those cards came in many different rarities and as it seems the market defined each one’s price. Even more, this was also a network test that worked out fine without any issues.

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0xUniverse now on Matic Network


A lot of games are moving to Matic Network due to its scalability and support. The popular title from 0xGames can be now found on Matic with other titles to follow.

Animoca Brands to integrate the blockchain technology to Crazy Defence Heroes

The blockchain integration started with a chest sale featuring Crazy Defense Heroes 1st Edition Card Collectible NFT’s. Crazy Defense Heroes is a popular mobile game with millions of downloads at Google Play and App Store. At the moment those NFT’s are just collectible items that cannot be used in the game.

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The Sandbox And Gitcoin Partnership

The Sandbox And Gitcoin Partnership aims to bring hackathons for game creations in the game as well as to organize special bounties on Gitcoin. 

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Cryptower is live on Ethereum Livenet

The block building simulation game released on the Ethereum network this week. There are already 12+ planets built with playing creating blocks uppon each other.

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